Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh, Boy-land, are we getting hosed!

From the Daily News:

William Boyland Jr., the Brooklyn assemblyman accused of soliciting a bribe to pay for his lawyers has found another sucker to pick up his legal tab: you!

It didn't cost the Democrat a nickel to beat the corruption case brought by Manhattan federal prosecutors earlier this year because he was represented by court appointed counsel.

The same legal dream team, Richard Rosenberg and Michael Bachrach, have been appointed to reprise their roles in the new corruption charges filed against Boyland this week by the feds in Brooklyn. It will be on the taxpayer's dime at $125-per hour, again, because Boyland says he's broke.

Guy makes six-figures and needs a public defender?

And his bag woman/chief-of-staff was pinched yesterday as well. Will she also be using a public defender?


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G-d Bless America..but this is really sick!!!

Anonymous said...

time to remove the name Boyland from Brooklyn's street signs.