Saturday, September 1, 2018

Will you believe them or your own lying eyes?

If you want to see everything that is wrong with community boards in this city, read this piece in the Queens Chronicle. We all know that Joe Moretti has very publicly sent photos and complaints regarding this underpass to CB6 yet they claim that they have received no complaints.

From The Filth of Forest Hills:

In the above article:

“When contacted, Community Board 6 District Manager Frank Gulluscio said the board has not received any complaints about the underpass. The same was true for CB 9, according to a representative.”

BUT THAT is completely false, “The Filth of Forest Hills” blog has been reporting on this situation with photos since March of 2018 and sending the posts to the not only the local community boards, but Councilmember Karen Koslowitz, Queens BP Melinda Katz and her staff, Senator Andrews Hevesi and DOS. In fact here is a response from community board 6 back in March. SO HOW can they say there have never been any complaints, when they have received SEVERAL from THE FILTH OF FOREST HILLS, plus post have been place in the Forest Hills Post as well.

QN06 (CB)
Mar 19 at 10:29 AM
Thank you for contacting Community Board 6.

We will forward your concerns to the New York City Department of Sanitation and New York City Council Member Karen Koslowitz.

Queens Community Board 6
104-01 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Telephone: 718-263-9250
Fax: 718-263-2211

Name: The Filth of Forest Hills



Email Address:

Questions or Comments: The Austin Street pedestrian underpass is filled with litter and dumped garbage, not to mention all the graffiti. Some fo the garbage like the photo of the bagged Christmas tree has been there for months. SO WHAT IS this board and the local hack elected officials are doing about this. AND why isn’t there more outrage from Forest Hills/Kew Garden residents about this. Keep being complacent, a homeless shelter hotel at the Comfort Inn housing single men has already causing issues and trash/litter, loitering and panhandling is already noticeable. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, to turn Forest Hills/Kew Gardens in the next ghetto like Jamaica Queens.


QN06 (CB)
Forest Hills
May 1 at 1:02 PM
Good Afternoon,

Please be advised that DSNY cleaned the debris from these locations. We will be contacting DOT regarding the graffiti.

Thank You!

Queens Community Board 6
104-01 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Telephone: 718-263-9250
Fax: 718-263-2211
From: Forest Hills []
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2018 7:23 PM
To: AnnMarie Boranian; GulluscioFrank; Andrew Hevesi; Helen Marshall; Karen Koslowitz; Melva Miller; Sally Wang; DSNY, Commissioner (DSNY); Queens Crap; Iciano, Bruno (DSNY); peter Mastrosimone; Greg Mocker; Channel 4 newstips; NY 1 NY1; Terranova, Ignazio (DSNY); Turso, Vito (DSNY)
Subject: [SUSPECTED SPAM] More garbage, more homeless, more not a damn thing being done about any of these situations in Forest Hills
Read below for more of the decline of Forest Hills.
AND in the meantime, the Austin Street Pedestrian Underpass Walkway is still a disgrace of grafitti, garbage and flooding that make it difficult to go up and down the stairs since the drain is clogged. The condition has been like this since December 2017. AND none of that garbage on those cement barriers on Queens Blvd have yet to be cleaned up and more garbage has been added.
Good job folks, wish I had a job where I did not have to do anything or be held accountable and bring home a nice hefty paycheck.
SHAME on you community boards. Why lie about this when you have recieved numerous complaints about this situation since March from this blog and even responded a couple of times to the complaints. AND where is Karen Koslowitz and Melinda Katz, each who have also received numerous complaints from this blog on this situation.

What exactly do these people do all day?


Anonymous said...

Well there are two parties to this:

The Electeds from Queens and the Public from Queens - which are both drawn from the same gene pool. For both you try to show how things can get and should be better (like everywhere else) and you get anger, you get humiliated, and worse, you get silence with a scowl.

Sure there are bad places in the other boroughs, but nowhere in NYC (and the country except for some tarpaper shack ghetto in the South or tin shanty bario in the SW) where you find anything worse than the slowly inexorably spreading ghetto that used to be known as Queens.

My fear is that it will be, as they mindlessly tout over and over, the America of Tomorrow.

Sunnyside Al said...

This will get no media attention unless it was White supremacists that did it.

If it was the “future Democrat voting bloc” members, it’ll be ignored.

Nothing to see here, move on, you racists!

I Can See Clearly Now said...

Relax. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will come to the rescue. Have no fear.

Anonymous said...

Come November they'll still vote Democrat

Anonymous said...

Why does NYC need such worthless offices as the Community Boards and Boro Presidents. Can't we get a motion or legislation in the City Council or whoever their power is vested in to eliminate these non-responsive agencies that just scoop up taxpayer dollars for themselves and their real estate developer cronies. Everybody should be emailing their Council persons office relentlessly for action.

TommyR said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for K-Koslo and co to do anything unless nouveau rich in the area mention anything. The DOS has been removing wastebaskets (oh no, people are putting small bags of kitchen garbage in them, the horror) and isn't a monolith so much as a system of adjacent teams spread out across the five boroughs. I've no complaints about my Sani service here in Elm - the trash is picked up twice a week, and I even get calls from the local supervisor when I need to 311 something. I used to have a lot of issues with dumping and they've responded promptly and effectively over the years. Why can't the FH/KG DOS team do the same? Perhaps it has something to do with my having visited the last sector review community meeting with my local POs and telling them these things.

ron s said...

"Anonymous I Can See Clearly Now said...
Relax. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will come to the rescue. Have no fear."

So if Ocasio Cortez is responsible to clean this up, I guess Crowley failed for decades to take any action to prevent it or clean it up. Maybe that's why he's gone.

I Can See Clearly Now said...

"Maybe that's why he's [Crowley] gone."

Could be so. But that reincarnated Joan of Arc, the to-the-rescue, Cortez-Alexandria Ooo-casio, will straighten all things -even this- out. Wait and see

Anonymous said...

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" Please !
If she was elected it would get much worst then it is.
"Hey you stop throwing garbage." Reply- You "racissst" mister don't tell me what to do MFer !

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I tend to avoid all LIRR/MN underpasses. They leak, small, and are potentially dangerous. I' prefer an overpass.

Anonymous said...

CB6 is a disgusting and vile group of individuals who ignore complaints, concerns and issues in the area. I am not sure if any of these folks reside in the area but it seems as if they do not and turn a blind eye to the many issues plaguing the area. From Queens Blvd to Metropolitan Ave there are several issues that simply get ignored. 311 complaints are almost immediately closed out as "no action needed" or "complaint resolved" while in reality it was never even addressed. We have public urination and defecation in the doorways of empty storefronts, we have derelict vehicles from out of state, we have vandalism in the form of advertisement with these "cash for cars" and the like, we have litter, refuse and dumping in every corner of the neighborhood, we have vagrants aggressively panhandling the busiest intersections and corners and the same folks then wandering through the parks and forest harassing joggers and hikers, lastly the amount of package theft that has become the norm is ridiculous. I do not know who votes for these clowns but this area has become a circus. Can we please have someone in office who cares?