Thursday, September 13, 2018

Coming soon to Queens?

From PIX11:

It's a crisis that's left thousands of New Yorkers on the brink of death in the past couple of years, and now it's happened again.

Mass overdoses of the synthetic marijuana called K2 continue in New York City, and one intersection, on the border of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, has been hit particularly hard.

The corner of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue has been the scene of mass overdoses at least twice in the last two years. Over the past weekend, five more people overdosed near the intersection. It is clearly a problem. However, the local council member said, five overdoses is an improvement.


JQ LLC said...

K-2 is everywhere. On Eighth Avenue from Chelsea to Midtown (near the junkie clinic), I have seen people passed out on the sidewalks and sitting by those stupid ass Link hubs smoking that shit. And with the recent report on cops at the NYPD precinct in Canarsie involved in drug, gambling and prostitution, it's a goddamn certainty that they are being insouciant about the spread of this foul product.

But to answer Crappy's question, look no further than Ozone Park, where 6 hotel shelters have been accommodated for homeless, not just families (which I can see an accept) but for the recidivist criminals and the mentally ill. The DHS is gerrymandering poverty and depression to this area.

K-2 is this century's crack for this new depression that is hiding in plain sight, and people smoke it because it's cheaper to buy than weed, which I assume the street market for pot has gone up with potential legalization on the way.

I think the reason why so many K-2 users o.d. is because the product is so shitty they have to smoke the whole bag to get a slight high and wind up on the concrete or on the train tracks because of the toxicity.

Anonymous said...

and nothing of value was lost....

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! K2 for everybody! How about chopped up Chinese wallboard? I heard that's a good smoke, also. Now that pot is legal everywhere-- including on the train 6 train this morning evidently-- leave these citizens alone. It's their right to puff and pass out, right?

Anonymous said...

Hell, regular pot is so strong you end up on your ass.

All for weed, but with the level of punks, you are going to see a new high (pun intended) of traffic accidents especially now we have 'morons on bikes'.

Anonymous said...

Close the dam border and this shit made in some bathroom lab down in Mexico wont be entering the country. Deport all the gangs running it.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than in Roosevelt Avenue and the Jamaica Center area.

Anonymous said...

Part of this problem is the slow creep of decriminalization of drug sales and use.
I understand that the war on drugs has been about as successful as the war on poverty (i.e. NOT), but we live in a society that is so prosperous and with so many individual freedoms that society has to set limits.
These folks figure that weed is practically legal in half the country so what's the problem with smoking it with some weird chemicals on it, what can go wrong?

Not sure what JQLLC means by "new depression hiding in plain sight".
A depression is defined as a 36 month period of negative GDP and/or GDP decline of 10% or more.
We're at the theoretical low point for unemployment (in the 3% range) within a period of rapid GDP growth (last quarter was over 4%). Job growth came in over 200K last month alone.
Not to say our city is not changing rapidly and in many ways against the middle class, but that's a different matter that starts with the problem of huge population growth. Why is this NEVER discussed? We have the third largest population on the planet already and the other two nations (China and India) live mostly in the third world.

Let's just stick to the real underlying cause of the explosion of drug use, it's our society's prosperity, relative to the rest of the planet which has trouble even getting potable water, combined with a general loss of spiritual/religious underpinning. Combine that with the assault on the family itself as the center of our society and you have the basic problems of our exploding drug culture.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Another non-news story. Let em have their freedom to smoke, drink and inject anything they want. Just don't spend our hard earned tax money to "rescue' them.

Anonymous said...

This is why we need marijuana legalization. Once you can buy the real thing at your corner store, no one's gonna buy the fake stuff instead.

kapimap said...

These folks use k2 to get high, and his usage from any drug tests.

It is not cheaper than grass. I'm sure the regular weed dealer does not want heroin junkies as customers.

Sell and overlook grass on drug tests, and this k2 will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Harry Haller, as always, you are correct, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Blame this on the decriminalization of actions such as urinating and defecating in public, open carry of alcohol on the street, not paying on the subway. I had a NYC bus driver tell me that urinating and defalcating on the street was no big deal. All righty then let them do it on your front stoop.

Blame the diversity machinery - the Yemeni's own all the deli's and 99 cent Chinese prison labor made outlets - in my neighborhood, 'scuse me - Community- they sell the pot pens that should last 5 days and marijuana chocolate chip cookies. Could have crack in it for all we know. It's so not PC to say anything about this drug dealing. I'm sure they are dealing K2 and spice as well. And Purple Drank and that other black drugs. Trayvon was on Purple Drank when he tried to kill Zimmerman.

Blame this on the Harm Reduction movement that our State Dept of Health funds.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention Tide pods. Stupid is like stupid does, Darwin.

Anonymous said...

>they sell the pot pens that should last 5 days and marijuana chocolate chip cookies. Could have crack in it for all we know.

More likely to have oregano. Why would anyone adulterate a product with something that's more expensive?