Sunday, September 23, 2018

"Birth tourism house" is quite illegal

From PIX11:

An unlicensed day care facility where three infants and two adults were stabbed allegedly catered to Asian mothers lured to the United States by laws granting citizenship to anyone born on American soil, a New York law enforcement official said Saturday.

Investigators believe the foreign women would give birth at the facility before returning to their home country and applying for US citizenship, the law enforcement official said. The return allows them to remain in good standing with authorities back home and, at the same time, claim to have a direct relative in need of care in the United States.

"If they're playing it right, they go back so that they don't get a negative status," the official said. "Then they come back."

An underground "birth tourism" network stretching from the United States to China has sprung up in recent years to cater to growing numbers of Chinese mothers who travel stateside to give birth, according to affidavits filed by federal law enforcement officers.

Federal agents have carried out "birth tourism" raids as part of larger criminal investigations targeting US companies that have netted millions helping pregnant Chinese women fraudulently secure visas and other services.

The residential facility in the Flushing section of Queens was used mostly by Chinese women who give birth and stayed there before returning to China, a law enforcement source said Friday.


georgetheatheist said...

Meng, Liu, and Koo will fix this.

Sunnyside Al said...

First , they said this establishment was an illegal daycare center, then we learn the incident occurred in the middle of the night.

These birthing stations are also found all over California as well. Glad to know our immigration laws are ancient and every loophole is being taken advantage of.

We are one of the only developed nations that still allows for birthright citizenship but a challenge to the 13th Amendment must be brought to the Supreme Court.

I understand the hatred for Brett Kavanaugh and other constitutionalists like him. If such a case came before a conservative judge, how do you think he or she would vote?

Remember, the 13th Amendment applied to Nattive Americans and children of African slaves, not the offspring of illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

That's why birthright citizenship laws need to change. If they changed, some of our problems would be solved. Firstly, it would make all the legal immigrants who are in limbo of getting their citizenship, this might push them to get citizenship instead of remaining stuck in legal resident status forever. Either get citizenship here or leave. Secondly, it would cut out things like this from happening, thirdly it would clean up all the shit going on with our neighbors to the south. Fourthly, it would allow children of immigrants to feel less worried if they have a future here or not and lastly, it would give taxpayers a peace of mind to know that their tax dollars are being spent on people who belong here. So changing birthright citizenship laws is a win for usa taxpayers and future children of migrants. But I know this is only a dream because this country has too many liberals anymore.

Anonymous said...

And if they dont have it here, I heard the usa owns an island somewhere near China and that births over there have soared. These children are considered usa Citizens because usa owns the island. The island is called saipan.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Bunch of sickos. I hope the feds swoop in on this but they're probably too busy investigating Blasey's pooper for ancient clues.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Queens Democratic Party - giving the taxes paid by their voters, money that could be used for their communty, or better, for their retirement, or for their children, to non-citizens that play the system.

Good work sheeple. That is what happens when you lack self-respect.

Anonymous said...

Meng, Liu, and Koo will fix this.

I think we should fully expect them to introduce legislation to end this. Not a wrist slap, but with severe penalties.

Be a good demonstration on their part as to who their loyalties are - the American citizen who is getting ripped off, or their silence that could be interpreted as loyalty to another master ....

georgetheatheist said...

The chickens came home to roost.

00:51 . . . "We really don't understand what's going on in our own neighborhood."

Now you do.

Donald John Trump (Son of Queens) said...

Make American Great Again.

Anonymous said...

Sunnyside Al said:

"I understand the hatred for Brett Kavanaugh and other constitutionalists like him."

I don't understand it any more than I understand why we are seeking to house half a billion humans in this country when we already have water shortages in our most populated state. We're force fed conservation, downsizing and environmental awareness night and day (not necessarily a bad thing) but, there is never a discussion for the elephant in the room; human overpopulation.
If humans are so bad for climate, maybe we should limit our population a bit, no?

Constitutional conservatives basically eschew judicial activism, and rightly so.
They want to preserve the basic principles of our constitution allowing for changes through the legislative branch of government (laws and amendments), NOT through the preferred method of the Left which is to bend interpretations of the Constitution through un-elected judges into pretzel-like feats of the imagination.

You're right that the original intent of the 13th amendment was to address our African-American and Native American populations.
It was certainly not intended for citizens of other sovereign nations to hedge their bets by having citizenship in China and the US at one time. Everyone with half a brain knows that China's long term goal is to diminish the influence of the USA globally while increasing its own interests (i.e. a communist based totalitarian society).

Closing this loophole is on the Trump agenda with Kavanaugh as a strong part of it.
If the American people wanted Chinese rule by proxy they would have voted in Hillary.

Harry Haller

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to happen because of our city's 'Sanctuary Status'. The feds wont be able to do their jobs fully. Shameful !!

Anonymous said...

It isn’t just illegals from China who are doing this. Every other country knows about this loophole, including the wealthy from UAE. Pregnant women from all over flock to NY, receive Medicaid, then go back to their country.

Anonymous said...

this is nothing new. it has been happening for years and it will continue. and let's not forget this, now that the child has been born in NYC, they're also guaranteed a seat in public school. as if they weren't over-crowded enough.

Anonymous said...; my earlier statement above:

My post regarding citizenship and natural born individuals was in reference to the 14th Amendment (not the 13th).

Sorry about the typing error.

Harry Haller

Rob in Manhattan said...

Closing this loophole is on the Trump agenda with Kavanaugh as a strong part of it.
If the American people wanted Chinese rule by proxy they would have voted in Hillary.
Harry Haller

-That fills my "stupid quota" for the day. The rest of your post was just a lead-up to that brilliant punchline.

Trump's "agenda" is preserving the illusion of "billionaire" status, and more recently, keeping himself out of prison.

Here is some additional reading material -just for you:

Rob in Manhattan

JQ LLC said...

Another theory I have about this slaughter is that the woman got too attached to the babies and just went psycho when they were going to leave.

Anonymous said...

Why the need to hide this in a house? This mayor and city would support any illegal or tourist who walked into a legit hospital to give birth. No questions asked and paid for by me and you.

Anonymous said...

well, I see another village is missing an idiot.

Rube in Manhattan,

You can post all the Trump deranged media articles you like,
he's not going to be convicted of "collusion" because there is nothing there to show that his campaign orchestrated a scheme with Russia to undermine our elections.
If there was anything there, they would have leaked it a year ago.

There is however, quite a large batch of evidence developing that Hillary Clinton's campaign paid Russians for made-up dirt on Trump then shopped that fake story to the Justice Department and the FBI who misrepresented facts to our FISA courts.
My proof: the FBI's own internal investigators who recommended the firing of Comey and McCabe over these issues....but wait there's more yet to come.

Keep on taking those high colonics to treat your Trump Derangement Syndrome, because not only is Judge Kavanaugh going to the Supreme Court, but the Democratic "blue wave" is not going to appear in November.Gallup polls show support for Republicans and Trump increasing. hahaha.

Trump has got your party in check mate between your rush to the Socialist Left and the unhinged behavior of your fellow dimwits with respect to your fellow citizens.
Nobody appreciates your party's dirty tricks and street tactics.

LOL, can't wait to see you disappear into the hole you came from once November election results are in. Just think, you'll have another two years of an emboldened Trump until 2020. By then we'll even have funding for the full wall which has already started being built. muuhahahahahahaaha.

...with fondest regards,

Harry Haller

Rob In Manhattan said...

Ah, Haller, how nice of you to emerge and engage.

Hold on to your bar stool. Reality check dead ahead:


But to show my fulsome concern for you in the coming months, I offer this link:

With all due respect, sure,

Rob In Manhattan

Anonymous said...

@Harry Haller Careful You will #trigger Rob in Manhattan :D

Anonymous said...


Yes indeed, I'm afraid that Rob in Manhattan is living way too far inside the New York liberal bubble. A dirty bubble which is clouded with the grime of hubris and oily with the lugubrious slime of political failure.

Here's a poll for your Rob, it's an oldie but a goodie from way back in 2016, remember those halcyon days of democrat dreams when you thought you knew it all? LOL:

The Leftist polls have lost their effect in this new age. No longer can a Leftist news outlet call up a thousand registered democrats, ask them if they plan to vote for those hateful Republicans and publish this as a "scientific" study.
Academia has lost its standing as a place of reasoned debate, Hollywood has lost its voice and morphed into a distorted, botoxed bunch of self-congratulatory douche-bags and the social media providers are being regularly exposed for their craven schemes aimed at swaying opinion.
Work your way out of the bubble Rob. Let truth and logic be your guide. You'll be surprised how good it feels to breath the air outside.

Harry Haller

JQ LLC said...


It's easy to bring up the data dicks at 5/38 and the Amazon Washington Post (shout out to Figurehead Trump for that moniker), but you can't ignore those various other links, especially that thorough New Republic one (look how that Soho hotel turned out).

Anonymous said...

@JQ LCC: On election day, 5/38 said Trump had a 20% chance of winning, and were denounced as traitors by large segments of liberal blue check twitter, for not agreeing that he had a 1% chance of winning like other pollsters were saying.
Then Trump won, and they were mocked for not predicting it, while the polls saying 1% were ignored.
5/38 gets an unfairly bad rap.

JQ L L C said...

Last anon,

If 538 had the correct data on trump and made the choice to fabricate data favorable to HER, then they deserve a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

...20% chance of winning is the same as 80% chance of losing
which is the same as 100% WRONG.

My point stands,
you can get a good look at a steak by putting your head up a steer's ass,
but I wouldn't suggest that as a method of selecting your dinner.

Similarly, you can get a good idea of what liberals are thinking across the country by citing liberal media polls, but that's not a good method of selecting who's gonna win at the polls.

Harry Haller