Saturday, September 22, 2018

HPD targeting zombie homes

From The Real Deal:

The city is taking on lenders of “zombie homes” — decrepit, vacant, distressed houses with unpaid mortgages, which have forced the city to conduct emergency repairs and maintenance.

The city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development is seeking more than $1 million from CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo and other home lenders who have allegedly failed to maintain houses on the brink of foreclosure, the department announced.

The cases target five Brooklyn properties and their lenders including Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC at 581 Saratoga Avenue, Ocwen Financial Corporation at 31 Essex Street, Seterus, Inc., at 1554 Dumont Avenue, CitiMortgage at 1889 Bergen Street and Wells Fargo at 1831 Park Place.

HPD partnered with the New York City Law Department bring the cases under the 2016 New York State Zombie Property and Foreclosure Prevention Act.

The city said it had identified as many as 4,000 zombie homes in the five boroughs since the act was introduced and sends warning letters to lenders and mortgage servicers that failed to maintain properties.


Anonymous said...

Take those decrepid homes away from the crooks and let hard working people buy them through a lottery system.

Anonymous said...

A lot of folks died but their heirs can't agree what to do with the house

Anonymous said...

I agree I live in bayside I can't afford a house here. I have to leave the place I grew up because these homes aren't worth 8 9 or a million dollars.

Anonymous said...

I have a zombie house on my block been there vacant for 25 years. Where is HPD in this case? There is no reason that a house should be vacant this long.

TommyR said...

Please do something with the burnt husk I see every day. It's been like that for THREE years now. Apparently no one can figure out who owned it last, that or the bank that's sitting on it doesn't want to let it go at a loss.