Saturday, September 8, 2018

Progress at Farley, but what about Penn?

From PIX11:

The 106-year-old Farley Post Office Building is across the avenue from the busy transit center. New entrances have opened in the facility that lead to railroads.

A big project has been underway since 2016 and it is scheduled to open in 2020.

The new train hall will feature new platforms and tracks for LIRR and Amtrak and there will be commercial space.

From The Real Deal:

The City Council and James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden Company appear to be headed toward another clash over plans to relocate the iconic sports stadium.

Madison Square Garden is now at the midway point of the 10-year timetable the city laid out in 2013 for the stadium to relocate and make way for a modern Penn Station.

But with five years left on its special operating permit, MSG appears to have taken no significant steps toward what would be a years-long process of acquiring a new site and constructing a new stadium.

“We have not provided any public information” on the matter, MSG spokesperson Kimberly Kerns told The Real Deal.

Stakeholders such as the Regional Plan Association and the Municipal Arts Society that have called for the Garden to move said they have not been informed of any plans to do so. Madison Square Garden has not filed an application with the City Planning Commission to extend its special permit, and sources said the City Council hasn’t been made aware of the stadium’s future plans.

The City Council made it clear five years ago that it expected MSG to be gone by 2023, but a Council spokesperson would not say whether the legislative body expected the Garden to stick to the deadline.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Penn Station...A third world transit hub in a world class city.

Anonymous said...

MSG is going nowhere. They just did a major renovation. Also where in Manhattan would they put it. There was talks to go to the Hudson Yards but that ship has sailed.

Anonymous said...

Skyroofs suck, dear Frank Lloyd Wright.
Hib Johnson told him the skyroof was leaking and FLW retorted "Move your chair"

Joe said...

Whats wrong with Penn station or Madison Square Garden aside MSG being owned by a greedy democrat crime family. Include several TV News and cable monopoly the Dolans run under assorted new names that once called racketeering and illegal.
This thanks to the Clinton "Telecommunication act of 1996"

Those Dolens must have 200 illegals employed at their compounds and horse stables up in Millbrook, Cove Neck and the Hamptons. --yet they house them (and all the illegal offspring) in Oyster Bay and Bayville where the school taxes are going off the charts to support all the buses, ESL and special ed teachers and security.
Criminals all of them !!

Anonymous said...

The city Council and deBlasio claim New York City needs a world-class transportation destination. Hasn't New York taken in enough shit from all over the planet?

Rob in Manhattan said...

"This thanks to the Clinton "Telecommunication act of 1996"".

Selective memory on your part. The "Tel-com bill" was the product of a GOp House and Senate. The subterranean idea was to increase consolidation into the hands of a few major corporations who had a vested interest in syndicated programming. The idea there was to increase the number of outlets that carried types like that bloated drug addict Limbaugh.

They succeeded -to a degree, but now, that segment of the industry in in a downward spiral as the audience dies off. The plot blew up on them when the new depression hit in 2008-9. Revenue declined over 50% and then came PPM. Today things have recovered a bit, they are only down 40% now.

WABC has fallen below a 1 share for the first time in ratings history. WOR isn't in much better shape when the Mats are not playing.

Bottom line: Don't just blame Clinton. He bought the line of crap from the industry, but the actual bill was pure GOP.

Rob in Manhattan

JQ LLC said...

Don't blame Clinton? Well the bastard signed the bill.

Joe said...

"Bottom line: Don't just blame Clinton"

Nonsense, it was Clintons hand and pen that signed the Telecommunication act of 1996.
All this legal Monopoly wouldn't have happened without his signature.

Clinton was too busy with Monika and MTV interns under his desk to read it. Many say it was his gift to the media giants like Cablevision & Viacom (rock the vote propaganda)for getting him re-elected.
I worked at NBC (SNL 8H and the news studio floor) at the time, we had to really watch our ass. This including hiding in closets and special methods to overhear closed room meetings in order to keep a heads up on who the brass & producers were gonna fuck over next and how. This seven included main talent.

This shit like the Dolan mob, Spectrum, Verizon, ATT, Dusny, Universal is the direct result of deregulating things that were once called RICO, monopoly and illegal at the price of felony and jailtime.

Anonymous said...

Here's what we're getting folks-- a brand new quadrillion dollar space fit for homeless encampments, with 900,000 square feet of dark, empty retail.