Thursday, November 9, 2017

Whitestone supervisor busted for fake certificates

From the Queens Tribune:

A construction safety supervisor from Whitestone was arrested on Nov. 3 for allegedly possessing fake safety training certificates, the city’s Department of Investigation announced on Monday.

Andreas Tsamos, 49, was in charge of safety for a renovation project at the Fulton Houses Community Center in Manhattan when he was apprehended for the alleged fake documents.

On Nov. 2, DOI investigators discovered that an emergency fire exit door at the Tsamos’ job site was locked from the outside, preventing workers from leaving in the event of a fire. Additionally, there was no fall protection guardrail system installed where work was being done or on a scaffold that was installed at the site.

Following the discovery of the safety issues, investigators returned to the site on Nov. 3 to ask Tsamos, who works for Gem Quality Corporation of Brooklyn, to produce his safety credentials. As a site safety representative at Fulton Houses, Tsamos was required to hold a 30-hour safety certification from a training center approved by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

According to DOI, Tsamos provided two certificates: a 10-hour approved OSHA course and a 30-hour approved OSHA course. The listed training company was “,” but when investigators contacted the company, it allegedly confirmed that no individual with the defendant’s name had completed training courses on the date of the certificates. Additionally, the company said that all certificates bear the name of the courses that were taken. Tsamos’ certificates allegedly did not list the name of the courses.


TommyR said...

WOW...the grognards here don't fail to comment on absolutely ANYTHING (usually negatively - even a story about a fucking rock) and NOT A SINGLE COMMENT MADE (besides this?)

Hmm...wouldn't have anything to do with the huge biases of the readership Crappy (they can never do anything wrong!). Makes you think.

Wonder how widespread shit like this really is...

Anonymous said...

Why comment Tommy?
You are doing just fine.
Since all of us are idiots with huge biases and you are great, you got the field all to yourself.

TommyR said...

: ) Now folks, and I don't walk to brag - but, I've been told - told by very smart people, I might add - told that of all the commentators on here, I'm one of the greatest - maybe even the greatest, commentator in the last 4 years. Maybe even ever. I'm not saying - this is just what people tell me, folks. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is just all the way wrong. I saw the Public Library giving free safety OHSA classes. You can also get the training every other week at certain places at a decent fee. Just was lazy and tried to get over and now he is in jail. Makes no darn sense.

JQ LLC said...

WRONG! I am the greatest commentator ever. I have the best words. Whoever refutes this is a nasty person.

Seriously though, this shows that the DOB and the OSHA under de Faustio is still criminally incompetent and easily bought. This should be front page or page 3 material in the daily papers, which still matter regardless of social media and networking. Yet the ramifications from scum like this guy leading to someone getting killed or crippled or burned to death from a faulty exit door will get immediate attention.

Someone has to die before the city does anything someone once said.

Shut down that monkey dammit.

Gary W said...

I like the monkey

TommyR said...

The monkey, like the incorrigible spirit of freedom, fraternity, and equality that beats in all good souls' hearts, will dance on! :D

JQ LLC said...

"The monkey, like the incorrigible spirit of freedom, fraternity, and equality that beats in all good souls' hearts, will dance on"

Oh I see...

Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey