Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ozone Park strip club loses liquor license

From the Queens Chronicle:

The liquor license for the TrapHouse Gentleman’s Club in Ozone Park, an establishment that has been the source of many complaints from neighboring residents, was revoked by the State Liquor Authority at the body’s Nov. 8 meeting.

“We’re at a stage where the chances have run out,” said SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley at the meeting. “[The owner] had multiple chances to clean up his act ... we now have people in jeopardy of getting hurt.”

The sustained charges against the club, located at 78-16 Atlantic Ave., include having unlicensed security guards, violation of unspecified local regulations, being a “focal point for police attention” and there being a “sustained pattern of noise/disorder” coming from the establishment.

Mark Weinstein, the attorney for the business, asked the SLA to levy a smaller penalty — such as a suspension of the liquor license, rather than it being revoked.
Bradley responded that a suspension, or any other form of punishment, might come with a hefty fine.

“I don’t think you want to write the check I’m going to ask you to write,” the SLA chairman said. “Every other charge that’s nonviolent in nature has been committed one time previously, and sometimes twice ... I have revoked people for way less than this.”


JQ LLC said...

I guess the rescinding of the cabaret law could not save this dump.

I didn't know there was a strip club there. Hey, is Appleseeds still around?

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the Merry-Go-Round bar on Queens Blvd ?

JQ LLC said...

Re: merry-go-round

I don't recall, was that in Elmhurst?

I really really miss L'Amour on Queens Blvd. Trash and Hair Metal in it's prime there.

As for this awfully named place, I assume someone with good city or NYPD connections put the clampdown on it, for this shit would have still continued. The management might have better luck opening in the Lower East Side where drunken violence happens all day and night or Bushwick or Ridgewood in night mayor lobbyist Espinal's district, they will be able to get away with anything.

Shit has always gone down in that part of town, even when it was predominantly Italian and Irish. I don't know if it's still there, but 5 blocks down in East New York there was a town hall venue and billiards that had riots outside happening nightly and the occasional shooting.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone remember the Merry-Go-Round bar on Queens Blvd ?"... Yes I do, and that rash finally cleared up, thank you.

ron s said...

Damn, I'll have to have ginger ale.

georgetheatheist said...

Just who owned this den of iniquity? And other similar ones? I mean give us the names and addresses.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone remember the Merry-Go-Round bar on Queens Blvd"
Yes the Merry-Go-Round, Gallagher's, and "Luckys Lounge" (more to the east near the Calvory cross) For Luckys you would buy a membership ticket good for 3 months for $10. You would then bring in your own beer, wine and stuff and tip the girls $5 to open them for you or pour your wine.
Believe it or not "Luckys" the most seedy looking but the coolest place to hang out because the strippers and whores didn't hawk and try to roll you for every dollar like every place else.
Big guys with chewed ears were at the doors. Never any trouble.
It was #1 for bachelor party's.
The good old days of the 1970s were so much better and WAY more fun.

Joe said...

Merry Go Round was approx 46st-Bliss street station (North side)-- I think were Starbucks is now. Luckys was approx where Islamic Institute now stands. Its near impossible to tell because the area has been so completely bulldozed.

L'Amours was across the big Pan American hotel 51st ave approx where Blackhorn 51 is now. --L'Amours was "allegedly" protected by a NY Senator who also protected clubs in Island Park, Long beach, Lido, Oceanside, Baldwin. These businessmen were also the booking agents for the bands.
I know this because I was in one of those L'Amours, Speaks, Blackbeards bands
I will put it this way: We were treated and paid very well but didn't really have a choice WHERE we played)

Anonymous said...

>strip club

The owners really didn't think that name through. That or they're catering to a specialty clientele.


Damn, I miss that place. I saw Type O Negative play there a bunch of times when I was a teenager. The staff was always nasty and unpleasant, but the music and ambience was great.

Anonymous said...

The owners really didn't think that name through.
Yeah stinking immigrants, things were much better when the mob ran these joints, discos and rock clubs like L'Amours, Speaks, etc

If you were an asshole you got thrown out with a warning, if you were an asshole AGAIN you got taken out back and got your ass kicked.
The mob didn't want trouble & cops around or WORSE patrons (kids)placed in danger. If you were an asshole you got your ass kicked, a picture of your ID taken and you ass dumped on a curb or hospital steps face down--and that's if you were lucky.

The NY Governor raised drinking age to 21 to shut all the clubs down all because some dick named Gargoyle got his ass kicked for mouthing off to the wrong person causing an avalanche of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Liquor in the front
Poker in the rear

Anonymous said...

>The NY Governor raised drinking age to 21 to shut all the clubs down all because some dick named Gargoyle got his ass kicked for mouthing off to the wrong person causing an avalanche of trouble.

What happened? Please tell the story, or link us to it. I'd love to know more about NYC nightlife before my time.

Anonymous said...

The NY Governor at the time didn't like his son going into bar's, getting loaded and getting into trouble so the as a solution the dictator raised the drinking age drinking age from 18 to 21.
Word is to many times cops at the house, then some kid ended up dead under a bus and it cost lot of $$ and favors to emm "clean up" --Some shit like that anyway
In the process most large clubs owned by a network of Sicilian businessmen and allegedly (protected by a certain Eh Cumpari Oceanside Senator) lost 60% of there business clientele. Come DA Rudy G into the picture was the nail in the coffin.

Nightlife before your time HERE:

25 pages for Brooklyn, Queens and Long island here, the 60s and 70's it was an unbelievable time for having fun !!