Monday, November 13, 2017

Lefferts Blvd station repairs still incomplete

From Impunity City:

The renovation and modernization of the Lefferts Blvd. Station remains incomplete and nearly 2 years behind schedule. This was supposed to be complete in September 2016.

When I last wrote about this, it was with great relief that the staircase was repaired and accessible again. Also the encrusted vile, unsanitary and health hazardous pigeon shit that piled up on the turnstiles and the partition walls was finally scoured somewhat. I attribute this to an actual televised report way back in late May by CBS New York’s Reena Roy.

Now when I wrote that I would write back in a month, being July, was around the time when Mario’s Son, Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaimed commuting on your city’s subway was in the midst of a summer of hell and ordered a fast tracking of repairs all over our lousy transit system. An encouraging sign appeared at this station promising the station’s completion, including the monstrous elevator which hogs half the sidewalk on the corner by September 16 or the end of the 3rd quarter.

Look how they creatively fixed the date on the sign with the sophistication of a little scamp changing D-'s to A+'s on a report card.


JQ LLC said...

I forgot to mention that the imbecile did not finish writing over the date.

The 3th!

Anonymous said...

And that's why nothing gets done right for this city. Illiterates and incompetents are running the show.

Anonymous said...

More NYC government crap. UNREAL.


Joe Moretti said...

Christ, it is NOT THAT HARD folks. Why must everything NYC government touches becomes complete shit along with a huge dose of incompetence.

Anonymous said...

These are private contractors doing most of the work not MTA employees.

JQ LLC said...

I mentioned that in the headline, I never said that there were MTA workers, but it is under their direction.