Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rockaway getting a funding boost

From the Daily News:

On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Mayor de Blasio announced plans to spend $145 million on seven park projects to help protect the Rockaways from future floods.

The city will launch the projects – with federal approval – starting with rebuilding Bayswater Park. The work includes installing a berm along the waterfront, plus building sports fields, play areas and a kayaking spot.

The cash comes from $120 million left over from the $480 million the feds earmarked for rebuilding the Rockaway Boardwalk, which Sandy destroyed. The money can be moved to other resiliency projects in the neighborhood.

The city is kicking in another $25 million.


JQ LLC said...

These will mostly be playgrounds for hipshits when the encroaching hyper-development and gentrification starts.

It's actually shocking to find out that the city managed to save money in an infrastructure project. But as history tells us, especially the way city parks dept. spends on just building a bathroom, that they are lowballing the estimate of this proposal and will find a way to fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

How timely.

Anonymous said...

What about giving money to people who still need to rebuild their homes after this disaster happened? It's sad that we send federal funding faster to other countries than we do to our own citizens.... Smh

TommyR said...

Rockaways was nice while it lasted, but it's not sensible. Buy the people out at a fair deal, and leave it as built-up sandbars and natural barriers. No housing belongs there - NOT APARTMENT BUILDINGS, NOT DETACHED 1-FAMILY HOMES - NOTHING. This is just a hand-out to keep the conservatives out there happy, and the same shit will happen again inevitably, and the home-owning tax-payers in the rest of the City will be re-building their cushy homes when they come with the same old sob story.

Anonymous said...

Nice of him to suddenly remember Queens exists a week before the election.

Anonymous said...

5 fucking years too damn late!

Anonymous said...

Tommy Efreeti....the "conservatives" of Rockaway live on the West end of the Peninsula, not in the areas being proposed for these improvements.
The money is being diverted from projects previously voted on by the entire community to benefit the entire peninsula. DeBlasio is known to avoid the West end at all costs.
The Mayor, in his usual manner, is concentrating his efforts on his voting base in the housing projects and areas with subsidized housing on the East end of the peninsula.

The Taxpayers (of which I'm one) did not pay for the rebuilding of my "cushy" home. I did, with minimal help from Build it Back, FEMA or any other government agency.
You have no idea what you're talking about.

As far as housing belonging on Rockaway, there have been houses here since the first land grants in the 1600's (look up Cornell land grant), and before then with the Native American(Rockenwecky) tribe.

Hurricanes come and go, just like ice ages, forest fires, landslides, river floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteors and all sorts of calamity.
That's life, get used to it.

TommyR said...

Anon, well put - I'm glad then you took care of yourself with minimal help; that is to be commended.

My comment nonetheless still stands. Humans yes have lived all over, where-ever they can, for centuries, despite natural disasters. My contention is that the social "we" (tax-payers, home-ownerse, etc) not to be made to fund re-building costs for people who refuse to relocate.

If you want to stay there, and rebuild (again) from out of pocket when the next thing hits, that is fine and certainly your right.

Anonymous said...

All the money is going to the East End - Far Rockaway. Mott Avenue is like Disney Land to the junkies and crackheads.

This is a lot of hot air to remind you that the election is on Tuesday.

JQ LLC said...

de Faustio's voting base is not only blacks and hispanics, although I actually doubt that considering how he's pissed them off with his rezoning blow jobs for his developer overlords, but the hipshits, which all this infrastructure improvement is geared to. And a lot of expensive luxury development is occurring around Mott too, Douglas Elliman actually has a tower at B 20st I think.

This plan is unarguably needed to protect the coasts, but a levee or the restructuring of the jetties would have been sufficient but as usual, the city had to pay some dorks to do digital renditions and now there are going to be playgrounds that cater only to the rich with the kayaking.

There was a environmental protest last week by Neponsit that marched to Camden Plaza in Brooklyn and they pointed out the lame protections that were there being sand dunes and the obvious land erosion on the west side. It looks like de Faustio is showing some retribution and vindictiveness for the times he got rightly jeered and insulted there when he showed up late for memorials and events.