Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dromm plans to fight Holden

From the Queens Chronicle:
While Koslowitz was optimistic Holden will become a valued member of the delegation, Councilman Danny Dromm (D-Jackson Heights) said in a Monday interview he will “fight against” the incoming lawmaker’s possibly caucusing with the Democrats.

According to Dromm, Holden ruined any chance of fostering a relationship with him on Election Night, when the civic leader pledged in his victory speech to “battle some of the lunatics in the City Council that are trying to destroy the city.”

“Calling your future colleagues lunatics is not a good way to start,” Dromm said. “I do wish him well. I hope his constituents benefit from him being in office, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.”

The openly gay lawmaker also said he’s taken issues over the years with Holden and his views that “border on racist and homophobic,” adding that the councilman-elect is a “total Republican” no matter what party he’s affiliated with.

“In my opinion, Bob represents the Trump side of the Republican Party, and he’s just as explosive as the president,” he said. “He’s always been a Republican. He has no Democratic credentials and he doesn’t represent anything the Democratic Party stands for.”

When asked what advice he had for the incoming rookie lawmaker, Dromm said Holden needs to eliminate name-calling and insulting from his arsenal.

But as of right now, the councilman said he couldn’t think of a single issue on which he even agrees with Holden, nevermind wants to work with him on.

“I don’t know what those issues would be. Look at the type of stuff you read on Queens Crap,” he said, referring to the pro-Holden blog that features mercilous attacks on lawmakers and a comment section often full of offensive remarks. “If this is what’s coming into the Council, he’s in for a rude awakening.”
The writer likely meant "merciless". The Crowley-de Blasio strategy of namecalling & insulting has now been employed by Mr. Dromm, which is pretty funny, since the progressives today scream about tolerance and inclusiveness all the time yet practice their own brand of namecalling & insulting. Pretty sure the homophobic claim was debunked - by this blog - which also highlighted that in the past Dromm chose to back Crowley over a more qualified gay candidate to score his own political points with the Machine.

This blog has always been anti-Machine which means anti-Crowley, but not really "pro"-anyone, because we've learned that all too often, today's reformer is tomorrow's hack. (Just ask Danny.) You can look back at the coverage of this election and make your own determination as to whether or not we were cheering Holden on or pointing out how awful the incumbent was.

But hell, it's Thanksgiving, so why not have some fun?


Kevin Walsh said...

Dromm calling Holden a Trump stalking horse is hilarious.

JQ LLC said...

Dromm is foaming at the mouth with his Trump comparisons. As I commented on the mercilous article on the other QC that crappie posted, Dromm and the other fauxgressive followers of de Faustio utterly refuses to see that their mayor (not the mayor for 86 percent of the city) is actually aping Trump with his contempt for the press,divisive partisan politics (look at Trump's support for kiddie predator Roy Moore), and straight up lying and gaslighting the press and the citizenry. And most of all, betraying his base, just look at de Faustio's willful neglect of NYCHA residents as the kids are getting poisoned and mentally damaged in their homes.

Since Dromm is reading this, I am a progressive and have socialist and libertarian beliefs and views, you stupid asshole. You are a hack who doesn't deserve your elected position and the privileges, which certainly you have abused, that come with it.

And no one should have their policy proposals squashed or their lives upended because they disagree with you, definitely the mayor, or don't subscribe to your interpretation of what these democrat values are.

Enjoy your damn turkey.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are the dumbest animals out there.

I know he ran on the Republican ticket, but why would you want someone voting against your interests?

If he wants to caucus with the Democrats they should be very happy. Not this idiot.

Anonymous said...

Do Danny Dromm's constituents want him to get into pissing contests or do they want him to represent their interests and get them services and better laws? Personal vendettas do not belong at the Council.

Anonymous said...

progressives today scream about tolerance and inclusiveness all the time yet practice their own brand of namecalling & insulting

They only want people who think and talk exactly like them. If you haven't drunk the kool aid, they don't want you. That's their definition of "tolerance" and "acceptance".

Anonymous said...

So Danny Boy must consider himself one of the "lunatics" if he was so offended by the Holden speech. I think Danny may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

If loving Queens Crap is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Anonymous said...

I'm a democrat, and while Holden seems to hold some anti-immigration views that align with Trump, I really don't see any other connection at all (if there is, someone explain it). Holden spent his life as a friggin college professor. Pretty easy to infer from this that he'd be very pro-education (which is definitely not what Trump is).

This machine line of trying to paint Holden as Team Trump just doesn't hold weight. It makes the entire democrat party in NYC look like a bunch of idiots. The name calling nonsense is also ridiculous.

The machine needs to wake up: your average democrat voter in Queens doesn't want Rikers closed and Jails in their neighborhoods because that's going to cost taxpayers a ton of money. We don't want all these hotels converted into homeless shelters in the middle of the night, not because we don't care about the homeless, but because we're throwing away a huge amount of money with runaway costs and no indication that anyone is going to bring those costs under control. I am 100% anti-queens machine because they are promoting very stupid policies that do more harm than good. Until that changes, I want term limits. I want people like Holden to win. And I want people like Dromm to get their shit together and realize the party is over. No more free rides for you. You don't get to automatically win just because you paid enough bribes to Team Virginia Joe Crowley.

georgetheatheist said...

Put the homeless on Rikers and the prisoners in the hotels.

Newtown Pentacle said...

Didn't Dromm propose giving non citizens the right to vote in City elections a couple of years back?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Bob represents the Trump side of the Republican Party

Holden is a life long Democrat isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hey, this swamp belongs to us! You find yourself another one!

Anonymous said...

This is a good start - we need to build a new party without the hacks that only serve Joe Crowley - and the way to do it is to fight one group at a time that take money in exchange for voicing the party line.

We also need people to start running for office NOW so that the community gets to know them and understands that there is a difference between a clique that serves their narrow interests to benefit themselves, and the rest of us who understand the country is in trouble until we grab it back from the hands of those hacks.

The momentum is on our side - blogs that exchange info outside of official channels - like this - are an essential part - good work Crappy. You have our support.

Anonymous said...

"while Holden seems to hold some anti-immigration views that align with Trump"... You forgot the key word, 'illegal'. Being anti-illegal immigration is just saying a country has borders and the right to protect them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny Boy, I bet more of your constituents read Queens Crap than whatever stupid bulletins your office puts out at taxpayer expense - even the ones who voted for you.

Koslowitz added that taking a scorched-earth approach against City Hall, at least in public, could easily backfire, possibly in the form of decreased funding or interest from the administration in district projects.
“All of that does matter. You’ll never see me in front of City Hall bad-mouthing the mayor,” she said. “I have my own opinions and my thoughts on the mayor and his policies, but bad-mouthing the mayor is bad for my people.

Koz, just because you would sell your dignity for a few piddly bucks for filling the senior center coffee urn doesn't mean the rest of your constituents will. And what does it get you anyway, a homeless hotel, prison, and business destroying bike lanes?

ron s said...

Dromm is doing his pre fight prep. He has already declared that Holden is a problem. Not sure why a reasonable intelligent independent scares him so much.

Anonymous said...

Being anti-illegal immigration is just saying a country has borders and the right to protect them.
But if you hold building the Democratic Party as more important than sustaining the national interest, you will be at odds with Holden.

But then, the Democrats are marching in the footsteps of Communists, Nazis and Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Dromm is a and bag, gotta love how he always throws the gay card into all of his press releases.

JQ LLC said...

“All of that does matter. You’ll never see me in front of City Hall bad-mouthing the mayor,” she said. “I have my own opinions and my thoughts on the mayor and his policies, but bad-mouthing the mayor is bad for my people."

This really makes de Faustio sound like the vindictive political gangster he is.

georgetheatheist said...

Preview the opening session of the new City Council 2018 HERE.

Anonymous said...

WTF does that lazy crooked queen do besides bend over for developers? What a do nothing!

Anonymous said...

Dromm is a far left ineffectual ass. He never seems to look up for a reality check, so enamored of his agenda is he. He's a royal jerk. We'd be better off without him on any political body.

Anonymous said...

He says to stop name calling........and he does just that. Typical democrat.

Anonymous said...

@GeorgeTheAtheist, highly unlikely: Dromm is a fat wimp with a big mouth whose never fought anyone in his life.

Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, communists always fight those who dare to think differently

Gary W said...

Congrats Karen for being honest and showing everyone what a political hack you are. No wonder the Mayor had no problem bending you over on your high holiday and shoving a homeless shelter up your ass.

Please retire already and let someone who cares about the neighborhood have a shot.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Dromm was the insurgent, defeating incumbent Helen Sears who voted herself a third term. Then Dromm refused to support fellow gay Council candidate Charlie Ober. Now he's as entrenched politically as the person he defeated. Sad!

Anonymous said...

If Dromm can throw around baseless attacks against Holden as being homophobic, Holden should throw back something like Dromm molested young boys. Not true Danny boy? Prove it. How do you like it Dromm-ass? Corrupt Councilhacks that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

(sarc) said...

Councilman Danny Dromm, I am sure, is drawing up articles of impeachment for Mister Holden as he quaffs the Thanksgiving Day cider, that must have turned hard.

May you ALL realize your Blessings, especially those of Liberty!

And I wonder if Mister Dromm includes prayers for the accused homosexuals, tossed from rooftops with glee and celebration in the Middle East?

I know that I do...

Anonymous said...

These are two of the least crooked politicians, I'll say that

Anonymous said...

A few bits:

"But then, the Democrats are marching in the footsteps of Communists, Nazis and Big Brother. "

Reality check - this is a completely false statement. It is nonsense being spewed by the real nazis, who, by the way, absolutely love Trump. Trump loves them right back. Right wing nazis nutcases have no place in this country, and certainly not this city.

Unfortunately due to Trump, these are the people that the republicans have now aligned themselves with. An actual right wing nazi terrorist killed a US citizen and Trump said nothing. I guess you missed that since you're only news diet is fake fox news.

This is the really huge baggage that comes with running on the R ticket. I think it's a bit lazy to just throw Holden in with these extremists but he's going to have to fight really hard and smart to prove he's not 'one of them' now.

Me, I rather give him a chance - because he was a life long democrat. He has fought hard for his neighborhood.

""while Holden seems to hold some anti-immigration views that align with Trump"... You forgot the key word, 'illegal'. Being anti-illegal immigration is just saying a country has borders and the right to protect them."

I didn't forget that word. There needs to be a path for immigration, otherwise you end up with 'illegals'. Chances are, you have family who came here from somewhere else. Today it would be near impossible for them to do so. Stop swallowing Trump's jizz. The vast majority of those here 'illegally' are not criminals, they pay taxes, and many even served in our armed forces. When a serious crook illegal is caught, (felonies, violent crimes) by all means kick ehm to the curb... for the rest, they need a path forward. Killing DACA, for example, was just plain stupid and racist. It fits a pattern of racism and nazism that has become the cornerstone of everything Trump and Republican.

Unfortunately for Holden, he got in bed with all this by taking the R line.

Anonymous said...

Nice photoshop on Bobby's face.
Enjoy the 1 term.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard Holden say he was opposed to DACA or even illegal immigration but pro-deportation of illegal immigrants who commit crimes. That sounds like common sense and I can't even understand the other side of that issue.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous said...
A few bits:

"Unfortunately for Holden, he got in bed with all this by taking the R line."
Get lost jackass you have a sick imagination !

Anonymous said...

All Republicans who've aligned themselves with Trump are Nazis... What a superficial, insipid deduction, and one meant to quash any real conversation about our local and national problems. If you don't know that political beliefs run on a spectrum, you aren't sophisticated enough to render an opinion that others will take seriously. And for God's sake, go look up the definition of "Nazi" and stop throwing around the term as if you know what it means.

Anonymous said...

So supporting law and order and national security is swallowing Trump's jizz? You're ok with criminals crossing the border and will deal with them after they commit a crime here? You don't care that there's no control over migration numbers, even if they swamp our schools and overwhelm the welfare system, which American tax payers fund? It's ok with you that many of them drive unregistered, uninsured cars with NYS footing the bill for their accidents and medical bills? Taxes? To what taxes do you refer? Sales tax? Excise tax? Gas tax? Do you realize that many of these people are exploited and paid a pittance for their labor? But if they fall off a ladder on your property cha-ching, as they will sue the God damn shit out of you.

I was born and raised in Jamaica, the product of Soviet immigrants (white privilege). They had criminal background and health checks and were allowed to leave for America only when they secured sponsors who'd house and feed them until they found employment and could manage, marginally, on their own. Progressives support illegal immigration because they think illegals will be granted amnesty or some pathway to citizenship and then become loyal Democratic voters. The irony is that immigrants are natural Republicans and likely to hold more conservative values, especially as their hard work rewards them with financial success. I may be a Nazi racist in your eyes, but you're a self-loathing, white-hating, uninformed mangina in mine.

Anonymous said...

Anon said
"Killing DACA, for example, was just plain stupid and racist."

Hate to break it tou you, a federal judge deemed it UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Even Obama admitted it was out of his authority.

D in daca if for "Defered"
Kicking can down the road w/o actually doing anything. Temporary means time runs out.

Pres Trump sent it to the Legislature, where LEGAL authority exists under our constitution.

So Pres Trump is trying to give the legislature an oportunity to LEGALY fix Obamas self created mess. He offered the entire swamp a chance to fix it.

Stop spreading more FAKE NEWS

I bet u work for CNN

Anonymous said...

I know many immigrants who came to this country in the 50's and 60's. Many of them are greatly upset with the illegals who have come here recently. They had to wait on a list, have a sponsor, a place to live and a job waiting for them before they got in. Any country has the right to decide what kind of workers they need before they are given resident status. Uneducated manual labor is pretty low on that list these days except for those willing to exploit these people to get their houses cleaned or their lawns mowed cheaply.

Anonymous said...

"The vast majority of those here 'illegally' are not criminals, they pay taxes"

Oh my god how people in New York, California and Washington state gone completely mad or brainwashed. This situation is so much worse then I originally thought.

FACT IS: These illegals became criminal the millisecond they cut the line to enter legally by jumping that fence, river or overstayed some visa.
They also breed like no other on the planet, the born right MUST be abolished and laws already on the books enforced. These freeloaders are gonna bankrupt and sink the whole country. God forbid they get voting rights, it will mean Democrats and mass socialism for the rest of this country's life

sam said...

Danny Dromm is an opportunist he could care less about his constituents and even less about the gay community he has been so divisive in the gay community even destroying the accomplishments we garnered. Danny has proven himself as a selfish hater who in my opinion has ruined the fabric of our community. He is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure to know and work with. He uses his muscle to hurt anyone he perceived as a threat even trying to get his enemies fired. What life has In store for him I would not eat to be him. His end of life will reflect his life sick and cancerous because he is like a cancer it grows and grows until it attacks. He is probably the most obnoxious asshole and the gay community only tolerates him because they have no choice. Once he is out of office he will go back to being the troll he has always been. I am signing my name he knows who I am I do not have to hide behind anonymity like all the others Sam E.