Saturday, November 4, 2017

Peralta wants residential parking permits near LGA

From the Queens Chronicle:

State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) receives extensive numbers of constituent complaints regarding parking problems in residential neighborhoods near LaGuardia Airport.

The trouble, he said, is largely airport-related. And he has introduced a bill in the Senate that would allow the city to set up a one-year trial period during which 80 percent of the parking spaces on residential streets within two miles of LaGuardia would be reserved for residents with a paid parking sticker.

The sticker, specific to one car, would be applied to the inside of the windshield.

“One of the problems is people working on the construction jobs at the airport, which is going to go on for at least four more years,” he said. “Then you have people using the airport who park, leave their car and come back in a week.”

As for where he would like workers at the airport to park, Peralta said that is not under the scope of his bill.

“That should have been worked out beforehand,” he said. “There are places available.”

Many major cities in the United States, he said, have some form of paid permits for residential parking.

Peralta’s measure, S.6931, also would set aside 20 percent of the spaces for nonresidents. Commercial streets would not come under the program.

He said he is working to find a sponsor for a companion bill in the state Assembly.

The senator said any fee would be a “reasonable” one, but that the amount would have to be worked out in Albany and the City Council.


Anonymous said...

Nice gesture but - Why couldn't he make these residential permits FREE - they are residents not visitors. What should've been done was installing meters and given FREE PARKING permits via a sticker to the residents - Idiocy prevails.

kapimap said...

Why would residents have to pay for a parking permit on their own damn block? You crazy? Just a way to make money!

How about workers find a parking lot, or use an alternate parking lot for airport workers? $10 a day is not much to pay.

Gary W said...

What a POS. Wanting local residents to pay for parking. How about this asshole pay a fee every time he opens his mouth!?!

Anonymous said...

While having to pay for the permit isn't most ideal, at least this issue is being addressed.

Try having to circle block after block for 30-40 minutes at 11pm only to be able to find a spot 5 blocks from home. Not only is it inconvenient but it is a safety issue. Being a long time resident of the area, the parking situation has only gotten worse with trucks and school buses as well as nonresident vehicles taking up spots which are no where near the airport.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible idea. This takes off, and soon you won't be able to park anywhere outside your own block unless you feed a meter. Yet another way to make the City even more unaffordable.

Anonymous said...

How about getting rid of the homeless in LGA terminals and in the cheap motels that are in the area !!