Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NYCHA lied about inspecting for lead paint

From PIX11:

The New York City Housing Authority failed to conduct lead paint safety inspections for four years beginning in 2013, according to a new report by the city’s Department of Investigation. The DOI further alleges NYCHA then lied about the inspections to Federal housing authorities.


georgetheatheist said...

"Poor lighting, mold, and even rats." Now lead paint?

What did you expect from collectivist housing?

JQ LLC said...

Hmmm, this is about the same time when de Faustio was serving his first term.

Louis Flores and Queens Progress have been doing stories on this and painstakingly tried to get FOIA's on NYCHA about the widespread lead problem for years. So good morning Mark Peters.

Will NYCHA be included in the day mayor's mandate? Will those responsible for the projects environmental safety and blatantly lied about the blighted decaying conditions be fined or fired? Or will it take more luxury development provided by donors of the mayor.

It's amazing that there is still a long wait to get a vacancy in these buildings.

JQ LLC said...

By the way, when the mayor boasts of preserving hundreds of thousands of affordable apartments, how did he miss the NYCHA buildings? And while on the subject, what about those on letitia's 100 worst landlord list who are responsible for preserving this affordable housing?

The Mandate mayor is going to regret getting re-elected sometime in the near future.

Gary W said...

How about letter grades for public housing? The city is the biggest slum lord out there. Some poor slob selling hot dogs has to sweat out getting a A rating, while the city subjects it's poorest and most vulnerable to living in shit holes.

Anonymous said...

Let them eat lead cake!

Anonymous said...

No pity from me, these NYCHA tenants are the same one that sent Dumbassio to his 2nd term.

JQ LLC said...

"these NYCHA tenants are the same one that sent Dumbassio to his 2nd term."

I probably have to look, but I don't think the majority of them did and it's possible that they were in the 80 percentile that didn't vote.

let them eat lead cake-nice.

Anonymous said...

Well DeBlasio just screwed all the people who voted him. The majority of the people who live there voted for him so they get what they deserve. Also why is everyone of the who works for DeBlasio is just as corrupt as him. Amazing how nothing is being done about this corruption and it is also amazing how the citizens of this city elected them all for another term. Don't complain our the quality of life going down the sewer in NYC. They all voted for them a second term so they can live with the lead paint issue and the traffic isssues.

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for all those convicted felons who are supposed to lose their NYCHA apartments but don't. They have cheap housing to sell their crack, drugs, prostitution rings and gun sales out of.

Anonymous said...

Losing sight of the important issue here. NYCHA's sole purpose is to provide decent safe and sanitary housing and has once again failed. It managed to put children's safety at risk and created a huge financial liability for the cash-strapped authority, the burden of which will be passed on to the city.

Also, De Blassio (aka William Wilhelm 2001) and Olatoye getting off easy? was this the tip of the iceberg?

Looking at NYCHA's design documents and see little if no reference to the lead safe housing rule, subpart J, renovation; the EPA renovation, repair, repainting rule; etc. does the extent of non-compliance runs much deeper, can someone piece the veil of conspiracy