Thursday, April 21, 2016

Permanent shelter for Dutch Kills

From the Queens Gazette:

The city is moving forward with a plan to keep a controversial women’s shelter located in the Dutch Kills community open through 2020.

The shelter for 200 women, located in the former Verve Hotel at 40-09 29th Street in Long Island City, was opened for a six-month period under an Emergency Declaration signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio on October 4.

The city last week proposed a four-year, $39.5 million contract between the Department of Homeless Services and shelter provider, Acacia Network, that would turn the shelter into a permanent facility.

Dutch Kills Civic Association officials said the proposed contract didn’t come as a surprise to neighborhood residents. Group president, Thea Romano, said the civic anticipated some sort of action by the city as the original six-month contract approached expiration.

Well it's a good thing the community went for that upzoning, otherwise, something as wonderful as this would never have been built there.


Anonymous said...

"Emergency" shelters require NO community review. To convert to a permanent facility, a review should be required. The only person in City gov't who seems to give a damn about this is Scott Stringer's office; if the community is concerned contact his community liaison.

Anonymous said...

George Stamatiades, the architect behind the community's revitalization, is no longer on the community board. Chaos consumes her own. Of course it did not help that every effort to assist the community was met with one stupid self-defeating stunt after another.

Now with something like this in the community, every 'hotel' will soon be converted to shelters or barracks for the service industry. Dutch Kills will become a hell hole.

Good work people!

Anonymous said...

Acacia, the outfit that recently hired former Councilwoman Arroyo at $220,000 a year. What a coincidence.

Camel bladder said...

Hey folks you must love having shit like this crammed down your throats. I mean you all just keep voting for the same people from the same political party over and over again. You have successfully made this city into a single party town. With the exception of Staten Island there is really nothing but democrats and communists in city government. Enjoy the abuse.

JQ LLC said...

This is the real affordable housing plan.

Anonymous said...

$10 million per year for 200 residents.
We are paying $50,000 a year to house each of these residents in a hotel room. So a mother and 2 kids sharing a hotel room is costing the taxpayers $150,000 a year. The meals they provide must be coming directly from five star restaurants in Paris.

Can't anybody in city gov't do math and see this is insane?

Anonymous said...

What a dump the area is anyway.