Wednesday, April 27, 2016

City bans 2 engineers

From Crains:

The city banned two construction engineers who submitted falsified plans to the Department of Buildings and signed off on unsafe blueprints—sometimes without even reviewing them—officials announced Tuesday.

"These individuals abused their privileges as licensed engineers, and put expediency and profit ahead of work-site safety," said Rick Chandler, commissioner of the department, in a statement.

Since last year, the Buildings Department has been cracking down on shady construction professionals. Its efforts have led to actions against 59 individuals. Stricter rules for construction sites were also implemented, including quadrupling fines for serious safety violations.

In this case, the two engineers, Yaakov Stern and Ashraf Ali, were caught in departmental audits and have had their filing privileges revoked.


Anonymous said...

Just 2?

Anonymous said...

Their names alone sound shady.

Anonymous said...

Privileges revoked? WTF?

How about licenses revoked? How about arrested and charged with fraud?

Gross negligence and disregard for safety and all the city can do is revoke their filing privileges?

Typical government BS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Amish to me.

ron s said...

2 down, 154 to go.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great they find a goat to blame.

Anonymous said...

Big deal! There are dozens and dozens still operating...uncaught!

Anonymous said...

It should be classified a crime. They should be prosecuted.

DOB should be required to notify NYS Professional Board and the Board should pursue their licenses.