Sunday, April 3, 2016

Calling out the political gangsters

"Numerous residents called me last week.

They wanted me to reach out to The Untouchables, (Sergeant Cedillo and his team) from the 103 rd. precinct. Residents were desperately trying to have the abandoned, smashed-up, embarrassing vehicles removed before Easter.

Sorry supporters, I will not put that responsibility on The Untouchables. I may call them for another location, but not this one and not this time. They have come to our rescue over and over and over. Meanwhile, Katz, Comrie and Miller; the highly tax paid political gangsters look the other way and pretend that the vehicles do not exist.
The abandoned vehicles are a symbol of neglect. They have been parked at 108th. Avenue, near Merrick Boulevard since Christmas, (Abandoned Vehicle Avenue). On every issue, the problem remains the same; which is "the lack of law enforcement."

After reporting on this location many times, Boranian, the liaison at the borough president's office is still asking for the details to find the location. Well Boranian, you are not fooling anyone. Your have no intensions of trying to have the vehicles removed. So you use the excuse, that I did not give you enough information.

If you cannot find 108th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard, get a GPS; or better yet, do not serve the Jamaica community. Your strategy is delay, delay, delay to deny. But cleanupJamaicaQueens will provide updates.

Talking about updates, the back glass on the blue vehicle was smashed and the hood is now sticking up.

Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller; ask yourself why Katz's area does not look like a primitive island? It is a damn shame that you all do a disservice to your own."

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.

(Keep tuned or not, political gangsters.)


Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was Flushing Avenue and 60th street in Maspeth.

Yesterday the 104 precinct had unmarked police cars ticketing speeders coming out of the Flushing Avenue underpass but the cops ignored all of the illegally parked and demolished cars on the sidewalk and street alongside the body shop. Many had no plates.

Amazing yet typical.

Joe Moretti said...

This is NOT a hard problem to solve, yet shit like this continues constantly in this fucked up city. Maybe instead of wasting so much damn money on so many elected officials who do nothing, put that money toward enforcement officials and city inspectors who are not corrupt or lazy.

Anonymous said...

The city is focused on dog runs, effused noodles, bike lanes and transgender bathrooms.

This is 311 garbage.

Unless you have a 5 figure donation and an 8 figure project DO NOT bother your councilman with this chicken shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where else are crackhead ho's going to operate out of? how can you be so politically insensitive?

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons for non-enforcement we found was "retired" police officers running auto repair/salvage operations. Interestingly, anyone making complaints found the business operators somehow got their names, and were then subjected to harassment.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had a similar situation ten years ago. When the 109th did not respond I told them, "Do I have to contact internal affairs division"?
The abandoned vehicle was towed by the afternoon the same day.
You just have to know what buttons to push to get results. In this case, cops hate paperwork. A call to IAD means paper work. BINGO!