Saturday, April 16, 2016

This is not a new building, Bushwick edition

Apologies for the poor photography on this one (I was a passenger in a moving vehicle at the time).

So the Department of Buildings has decided to okay this obvious new building project at 399 Knickerbocker Avenue as an alteration. There's nothing left here but partial walls.

Remember this as you get nickeled and dimed to death by the city with fines, fees and taxes for everything under the sun.

Alteration permits cost A WHOLE LOT LESS than new building permits. The city is throwing millions upon millions of dollars in revenue down the drain on a yearly basis in order to unofficially subsidize development.

Tell your elected official to stop using you as a piggy bank when there's so much wasted opportunity to collect real money to pay for needed services.


Anonymous said...

Our pols are constantly harping about the 1% not paying their fair share, yet when it comes to them paying for permits, they look the other way.

JQ LLC said...

This is a potential affordable luxury tower/inevitable homeless shelter. Or if the plunder of Rikers happens, a prison.

Incidentally, is the plan to build smaller prisons in towns a way to make a franchise out of them if they get contracted and privatized? Like Starbucks?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Preet Bharara could look at this next. Though he's got so much to do already thanks to our crooked pols. Bye bye, Blaz!

Anonymous said...

They going to put like 84 apts with retail on the bottom and not one parking space or trash collection ally.

Adding small apts with no parking and service ally should be illegal

Anonymous said...

just hope an arsonist comes along and puts the work to a halt.