Friday, April 29, 2016

DOB may revoke Garaufis house permits

From the Queens Chronicle:

The Department of Buildings has issued a 10-day notice of revoking permits to the owners of the property that used to host the house formerly owned by federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Bayside.

Issued on April 20, the notice informs the homeowners of the Buildings Department’s objections to the construction and gives them 10 days to respond. If the property owners do not resolve the agency’s objections, the permits are revoked.

The objections at the construction site, according to the DOB, are “Garage must be demolished,” “2nd floor joists to roof were demolished — revise demo and floor plan to match field conditions,” “Revise first floor layout,” “Revise asbestos report to ensure consistency with scope of work,” and “Aggregate width of balcony shall not exceed 50% of the width of the building wall it protects.”

The ALT-1 permit that the property’s owners were using to build requires that 50 percent of the original structure be maintained, a rule that has clearly been violated, as the house was torn down.

According to Flushing-based zoning expert Paul Graziano, the property’s owner will have trouble fighting the 10-day notice.

“The more likely scenario is that they will have their permits revoked and they will have to file for a new building,” Graziano said.

The new building permit, he added, is more expensive to apply for than the ALT-1 permit.


Anonymous said...

Great! Just in time. Not a moment too late. I'm sure there's some bricks and scrap wood left to preserve.

Anonymous said...

But it doesn't bring back the old house, and they will claim financial hardship, and put up some monster

Anonymous said...

ASBESTOS?!?!? That is an IMMEDIATE stop work. BTW, I've seen 10-day notices that are three years old... so don't get your hopes up.

Anonymous said...

It like Van Bramer making a show that he cares about eh Elks Building, saying that all kinds of laws will be introduced to protect places like that (aw, when are they being submitted?) and this person should pay all kinds of fines yet also the meeting privately with developers.

So here they fine the person and the let him proceed.

The fines are the hush money to shut up the gullible.

Anonymous said...

he took the $$$$and ran.maybe he will move to Communist Cuba with his Comrades.the Castro bros. will gladly share his capitalist wealth.60 yrs. of Marxism ,even the View Joy Behar dissed her recent visit to free educ./healthcare (if you can find a competent M.D.).so much for a failed religion/ideology,that hate sChristianity.

Ned said...

This Graziano is on it like at priest at little league. He should be mayor !


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Backdoor goes home to his Sunnyside GRdens historic district home. He doesn't give a crap about anything else.
He has been steadily taking campaign contributions from the same developers that are destroying history. That's the way he plays Backdoor politics.