Sunday, April 24, 2016

Proposal for community garden next to Cedar Grove

From the Queens Chronicle:

A Queensboro Hill family is pushing to make an unused city-owned lot at the intersection of 136th Street and 63rd Road a community garden.

And according to Alishia West, who is working with her husband, Zack Turck, and her daughter, Alyssa, to make the project a reality for the unused lot, the idea is popular.

“The people we talk to and the people we interact with, it’s easy to get them on board,” West told the Chronicle.

The lot belongs to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.


Anonymous said...

Good for them. I hope they are successful.

Anonymous said...

Why not a park?

Anonymous said...

A community garden? Green space? That is not allowed. We must build there. Don't worry it will include affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

Community Garden? How about someone buy the land first. I don't want another story how in a few years it is sold and the 'community garden' people are up in arms because someone is going to bulldoze their plants.

If you want it for a garden or park, buy it and do what you want with it, otherwise let it go.