Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Traffic agents ticketing cars parked legally

MYFOXNY.COM - Someone hasn't clued-in New York City ticket writers or they are not reading the rule book. That is because Fox 5 found that in some cases they are giving tickets that are just plain wrong. The conflict is over tickets being given to cars parked at certain curb cuts at T intersections. In certain cases, it is perfectly legal -- yet ticket writers are slapping the vehicles with fines of $165.



Anonymous said...

We need more reports like that. Traffic enforcement agents are usually just dumb schlubs. They dont understand the law.

I never really knew if the 15 foot hydrant rule meant 7-1/2 feet on each side or 15 feet. I asked two agents while they were ticketing people on my block. Neither of them knew the answer. Both times there was a car parked a few feet (about7 + feet) from a hydrant. Neither would tell me if the car was parked illegally.

This is just a money making scheme by the City. If you have the time to fight it, FIGHT IT. If it isnt cost effective for the City they will stop it.

I wish the City would issue more tickets to people that really affect the people. If you double park and it is screwing up traffic - TICKET. If you park right in the middle of a bus stop - TICKET.

I miss the days long ago when common sense prevailed.

Anonymous said...

The reason traffic agents write bogus ticketsis that is how they get promoted ,which = more $in their checks.They get rated annually.They have 3 different levels.Quite a corrupt way of getting ahead,and you pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Fire hydrant parking (code 40 - just looked it up) says no parking within 15 ft of a hydrant - so it's NOT 7.5 ft both sides

Anonymous said...

So, the city went around recently (in queens anyway) and put in new curb cuts with those creamic tiles with the grips on them, and yes, even at T-intersections, under the understanding that it is to benefit pedestrians... then they say you can park your car in front of it.

Take a look along Otto road in Glendale... at 66th Street, along the old Nabisco building, and further down at 67th place along the brick factory wall.

Brand new curb cuts at T-intersections.

Anonymous said...

give these "schlubs" digital cameras, and let them take pics of the tickets. it would probably end up reducing costs in the long run.