Monday, May 31, 2010

Ridgewood pervert busted

From the Times Newsweekly:

A Brooklyn man who allegedly exposed himself to young girls from inside his car along Ridgewood streets last Tuesday afternoon, May 11, has been cuffed by police, it was announced.

The suspect was identified by police as 40-year-old Juan Mendez of Forbell Street in Brooklyn.

Reportedly, the perpetrator—behind the wheel of a tan four-door sedan—pulled up near an 11-year-old girl walking in front of a location on Fresh Pond Road near Bleecker Street at around 7:45 a.m.

Police said the girl observed Mendez allegedly fondling his penis before fleeing from the scene.

Law enforcement sources stated that the perpetrator was spotted flashing himself to another young girl at around 2:30 p.m. in the area of Madison Street and Woodbine Avenue near I.S. 93.

According to authorities, Mendez—driving a black pick-up truck—pulled up next to a 13-year old girl at the location. Reportedly, the youngster spotted the man allegedly fondling his genitalia.

The incidents were later reported to members of the 104th Precinct and the 104th Precinct Detective Squad, which had been conducting an ongoing investigation into a series of flashing incidents near public schools around Ridgewood earlier this year.

Based on information obtained by detectives, Mendez was taken into custody the following Wednesday, May 12, and was charged with two counts of public lewdness, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.


Anonymous said...

This guy should go to jail for a long time. Im not sure if it'll happen but in an age where innocence is lost younger and younger this guy chooses to seek 10 and 11 year old girls looking for public schools and intermediate schools to fondle himself in front of them. Me and my brother have a major difference in age and I remember him receiving the pervert letter from P.S.71. Its unfortunate that stuff like this will continue to happen since there are so many sickos in this world. I would've loved to see this guy do it. With the adrenaline pumping I would've tried my best to catch up with him and the beat the heck out of him to teach him some respect... hes a disgusting creature

Anonymous said...

i bet is an illegal immigrant.