Monday, May 31, 2010

Rego Park violinist wants her instrument back

From Eyewitness News:

An aspiring concert violinist is pleading for the return of her stolen violin. Harmonnia Junus, 22, says she feels lost without her violin.

"Playing violin has been an escape for me," she said. "I've been through a lot and it's always been there for me."

Junus is an aspiring concert violinist and says someone stole her hand-crafted violin, bows and other supplies worth $50,000.

More than anything else, she just wants it back.

"Hopefully someone will find the instrument and return it to me," Junus said.

She says the car was parked in a parking garage adjacent to the Rego Park Mall on Queens Boulevard.

There are security cameras in the garage, so she's hoping the crime was caught on camera, or that someone saw something that might help police track down the person who stole the instrument.

In the meantime, she's pleading for its return, because, in her mind, it's priceless.

It was a gift from her mother who died two years ago.


Anonymous said...

How f*king stupid can you be - as a violinist I don't let my instrument out of my control when in public ... common knowledge by every artist I know.

Leaving it in a parking garage?

Treat it like its your child!!!

Anonymous said...

How obtuse YOU are! Maybe someone could pull some strings to help her out?

Joe said...

I have 2 60's Gibson reverse Thunderbird Bass guitars and a Red 63 Strat. I would never use them on jobs let alone leave them ANYPLACE unattended.
They are strictly for investment and professional recording.
Around the public I use a cheap copy with upgraded pickups.
If you know what your doing you can get a good sound out of almost anything.
You don't need a $50,000 instrument live. Any differences would be lost lost in the mix or room acoustics. To add these pigheaded arrogant IA Sound engineers here NY run all the boards and don't give a shit.
The friggan worst !

Even if this stupid woman had insurance, there would be no pay out, since she left the violin in the car car unattended.
For example
Had it been damaged in a auto accident with her in the car that would be a different story.
Music insurance is kind of like classic car insurance. Its not blanket coverage

Anonymous said...

My money is on an inside job...she just jilted her now ex-boyfriend...hmmmm

Joe said...

I viewed the vidio, so it was in the trunk.

Yep inside job ! Somebody followed or knew she was making that pit stop.
Or 2: One of the parking garage people saw her put it in the trunk on a camera monitor.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a skinnier and younger Grace Meng.