Friday, May 28, 2010

No more prisoners at Elmhurst Hospital

From the Queens Tribune:

The Astoria Child Heath Clinic, at 12-36 31st Ave. in Long Island City, served 1,167 patients in the last fiscal year. This is one of six clinics citywide to be shut down, including four in Brooklyn and one in the Bronx.

With all the changes happening citywide with HHC, perhaps the best news for Queens is that inmates from Rikers Island who need urgent medical care will no longer be transported to Elmhurst Hospital. Currently, inmates get split between Elmhurst Hospital and Bellevue Hospital. Under the new plan, all inmates would now travel to a separate facility. HHC will use the space freed up at Elmhurst and Bellevue to add to its revenue-generating capacity.


Anonymous said...

if anything, that is some good news. No more imates, just homeless and illegals to deal with?

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just build health care facilities on Rikers Island and inside the courthouse Central Booking areas. That way, the cops and the corrections officers won't have to shuttle every prisoner with sniffles all around the city, which gives said prisoners even more chances to break away and escape.

Anonymous said...

Great! I took my husband to the ER in January and we had to wait in an 8x10 waiting "room" (aka a cubby hole with a paper curtain) along with 3 inmates from Rikers.. 2 dripping blood from a fight... shackles and all accompanied my heavily armed cops. The ER was already stressful enough... needless to say, I was pretty rattled after sitting with my high-security neighbors for over an hour.