Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now that's Mussed up!

From The Real Deal:

Even as it garners some negative attention in Queens, Muss continues to look for new opportunities.

According to the Observer, Muss is one of the 29 firms that submitted a competitive bid to the city to redevelop the massive Willets Point site in Queens. The company is up against heavy hitters like Silverstein Properties and Related, but may have an edge thanks to its experience in the boroughs.

They're kidding, right?

Richard Xia, president of Fleet Financial Group, a developer in Flushing who sold out his new luxury Shangri-La Towers condo development last year in spite of the downturn, attributed the challenges facing Sky View Parc to its location, which "is a little bit off the center of Flushing and the downtown area."

But he noted that the Bloomberg administration's Flushing redevelopment plan calls for an overall shift of downtown's center of gravity toward College Point Boulevard, where Sky View Parc is located.

The construction of Sky View Parc, in fact, is designed in part to help facilitate that shift.

Ahh, yeah, we figured that out...


Anonymous said...

You should note the campaign donations that Julia Harrison got from Muss!

Anonymous said...


Gary the Agnostic said...

When she was in the City Council, Julia Harrison was one of the main proponents of Muss' "vision".

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was over a decasde ago. What's Harrison doing to help Muss now? Just curious. Why is she suddenly on your radar? Is she still helping Muss?