Sunday, May 23, 2010

More schools for brownfields

From the Daily News:

Fancy condos aren't the only projects on the drawing board for once-industrial Hunters Point.

The slew of development along the East River has spurred plans for two new schools to serve about 1,650 local students.

The grades-6-through-12 school, with about 1,070 seats and an outdoor terrace overlooking the river, is slated for 1-50 51st Ave. The city is awaiting final site approval and expects the five-story facility to open in fall 2013, city officials said.

The almost 600-seat K-through-8 school is expected to be built at the Queens West site at 47th Ave. and Fifth St., according to the community board. It's an expansion of Public School 78, which currently goes up to the fifth grade, community leaders said.

But an environmental remediation must be completed on the site before construction can begin, education officials said. It is unclear when the school will open.

So will these schools be protected by underground plastic sheets and blow toxins up through pipes to the roofs where they will then be emitted out to poison the entire community? (Like what they are doing with the Maspeth High School...)

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