Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Efrain Gonzalez gets 7 years in prison

From the NY Post:

Crooked ex-pol Efrain Gonzalez Jr. was slapped with a seven-year prison term yesterday by a judge who slammed him for failing to show any remorse for the "venal acts" of looting two charities in a corruption scheme.

Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III rejected defense arguments that the former Democratic Bronx state senator deserved the same sort of leniency shown one-time Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, a Republican who got just two years for peddling his influence through a consulting firm.

"You deprived your constituents of the scarce resources that could be allocated to help those in need," said the judge, who also ordered Gonzalez to forfeit nearly $738,000 netted by his five-year scam.

The portly 62-year-old -- who blew the cash on luxuries, including an upstate vacation home -- rolled his eyes after being told to stand up and accept his punishment.

The disgraced ex-lawmaker said only, "Your Honor, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my family, my friends and my communities. Thank you."

Afterward, Gonzalez -- who in February blamed his former attorney for making him plead guilty -- refused to speak to reporters in English, but insisted in Spanish that he wanted a trial to prove his innocence.

"We Hispanics, we have to unite. It's not fair what they're doing to us. I feel like an illegal immigrant," he said, according to a Spanish-speaking observer.


Anonymous said...

Take it on the chin(s), Efrain!

Anonymous said...

Asshole!!!! Godd for him!

georgetheatheist said...

The bigger they are, the harder they fall....'strue.

Jeffrey Tastes said...

what a jerk to try to make it a culture war.

Babs said...

Let's see how "united" he becomes with the OTHER Hispanics - the ones that are doing HARD time. Bet he'll pretend not to speak Spanish.

Look on the bright side Fatso - you may lose a pound or two.

Queens Crapper said...

Eh, it's federal prison. Probably more white collar criminals. Maybe he can bunk with McLaughlin and Seminerio.

ew-3 said...

"We Hispanics, we have to unite. It's not fair what they're doing to us. I feel like an illegal immigrant,"

what can you say.
as long as minorities play the race card, I refuse to be sensitive to their race.

Anonymous said...

Gonzalez has company with former city council member miguel martinez. Now when is it Christine Quinn's turn?????

Anonymous said...

"I feel like an illegal immigrant"

But since you're not, you should know better. Fuck you.

Babs said...

"Maybe he can bunk with McLaughlin and Seminerio."

HAH! yeah - they could even start a club - the Corrupt Politicians of Queens Club.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..

His remarks are so stupid and baseless, you really have to wonder if he is mentally stable.
HOw did this nutcase get elected?

Anonymous said...

EG is serving his seven years in New Jersey this way he can have lots of family visits. He still believes he did not wrong. What a dirt bag go back to PR.

Anonymous said...

Efrain coming out of Federal prison this March 2016.