Friday, May 21, 2010

High school like 10 lbs of sausage in a 5-lb bag!

From the Queens Courier:

While Francis Lewis High School might be the most overcrowded school in the city, it’s certainly not alone among jam-packed Queens high schools.

Queens has 10 schools located throughout the borough that have more than 3,000 registered students, according to unaudited Department of Education (DOE) statistics for April of 2010; whereas the other four boroughs combined have only 11 high schools with more than 3,000 students.

Francis Lewis placed at the top of the list with 4,444 students in April, while Benjamin Cardozo High School ranked second with 3,975 students and Forest Hills High School third with 3,857 students. In addition, John Adams High School, Richmond Hill High School, Hillcrest High School, John Bowne High School, Bayside High School, Long Island City High School and William C. Bryant High School all had more than 3,000 students.

Comparatively, Brooklyn had six high schools with more than 3,000 students, the Bronx and Staten Island two and Manhattan one.

In addition, Queens has also surpassed Brooklyn for the most registered high school students, according to the unofficial April DOE statistics. In April, Queens high schools had 72,905 registered students whereas Brooklyn had 71,672. In September of this school year, Brooklyn had 79,393 students whereas Queens had 78,155.

The Department of Education (DOE) said it plans to create 2,700 additional secondary school seats in the borough next year including 750 seats specifically for ninth graders.

In addition, the city still hopes to phase out Beach Channel, Jamaica and Business, Computer Applications and Entrepreneurship – three schools with low demand – and replace the schools with options that will attract more students.

Photo from the NY Times


Anonymous said...

Queens has also surpassed Brooklyn for the most registered high school students.

Sure we do, we have the most illegals with children born here - are they illegal or citizens or what? We still have to educate these kids and of course you pay for them too.

Mayor Bloompork said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Sausage.

Anonymous said...

That photo looks exactly like the wards on Rikers Island or a scene from "Escape From New York" take your pick.
Just wait till half them brats with no future are on the street gang banging to survive.