Monday, November 5, 2012

Where the hell is Helen Marshall?

"I've lived in Queens my entire life and never, have I seen such destruction. Destruction along with such abandonment by the very people sworn to represent us.

From the news out there currently, 80% of manhattan has had power restored. Whereas, 80% of Queens residents without power are still without power.

Rockaway, Howard beach, and Breezy Point are all in QUEENS! Just to name a few of the communities in QUEENS that have been devastated if not completely wiped out due to SANDY!

Some of our local politicians have been out there assessing and helping. Others have had their offices open on a 24 hour basis handling its constituents issues.

Local senators, assembly members, council members, and even a district leader (one who actually lives in the area he is the district leader of) have been out and about. Visible, helpful, lending a hand.

Molinaro, of Staten Island has been visible and rightfully vocal. Markowitz, of Brooklyn out there visible and vocal. Springer of Manhattan out there visible, helpful, vocal.

So my question and my concern is: If all of these Boro Presidents are out there, working for their community, their constituents. Where the hell is the Queens Boro President?
Is she ok? I hope so, if she is ok, why isn't she out there advocating for us? Why isn't she making sure that Rockaway, Howard Beach, Breezy Point, and the rest of Queens are taken care of?

If she is not ok: Where the hell is the deputy Boro president???

Either way, she and or her office, have abandoned us!"

Alfredo Centola
Lifelong Queens Resident

Well, her office sent out some photos of a "tour" she allegedly made of the destruction. But she's not in any of them.

Where are Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchick and the other candidates for borough president?


georgetheatheist said...

Sheltering in place with Joe Crowley in Virginia?

Anonymous said...

Do we have or need a Queens Boro president?. I remember when she had the ribbon cutting ceremony of Arvene by the Sea "condos", perhaps 8 -10 years ago?
I knew back then that any sucker who bought into Helen's bright idea would one day wish they hadn't.
Arvene by the Sea was nearly destroyed by the storm.

Anonymous said...

when one reviews the recent history of the borough presidents of Queens (beginning with Donald Manes) it reveals corruption, laziness, collusion with developers, etc.

Where is Helen Marshal? Indeed--maybe an APB (all points bulletin) needs to be issued.

Helen nods, but Irving Poy and Alexandra Rosa seem to be running borough hall. Where are they?

What has borough hall's press flack hack, Dan Andrews, got to say?

??????? !!!!!!! said...

Borough hall is there to aid developers NOT to help out constituents.

Helen is a dimwit who's asleep at the wheel.

A couple of her own staff (who wish not to be identified) have confided in me that the beep is about as bright as a 7 watt bulb.

Marshall is clueless without her attendants.
She's great at ribbon cuttings, but why does she need a personal photographer who earns about $80,0000 a year?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Calling Borough President Marshall. Is anyone home?
Queens needs your help.
Don't leave Breezy Point out in the cold.

Anonymous said...

You can find Waldo
quicker than you can find Helen...unless...

"Who's there"?

Mr. Wilpon
"It's Freddy".

"What can we do for you Fred"?

Carl Galioto said...

Exactly what I was asking yesterday when I posted a comment to the Mike Bloomberg article. Let's get a REAL Borough President to represent the interests of Queens who shows some of the passion that is exhibited in Brooklyn and Staten Island. Here it is:

Does Queens still have a Borough President?

James Molinaro was visible and vocal in securing aid for Staten Island and we need all elected officials to focus on securing help for victims and securing aid for reconstruction.
The role of the Borough President is that of an advocate and cheerleader and Queens deserves better than to have an 83 year old career politician in that role who is a creation of one party rule inbreeding.

Anonymous said...


They serve developers and eat up our taxes!

But if there are those of you out there who enjoy the illusion that these pols work for you, then you're out to lunch!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch 1010WINS interview of Helen Marshall on Saturday night? She was completely clueless.

Anonymous said...

So tell me...who exhibits the more advanced signs of increasing senility...Beep Marshall or you voters?

Spend some time researching your candidates like you do when buying a new 40" TV.

Jerry Rotondi said...

You get what you pay for
and you get who you vote for.

Case closed!

Anonymous said...

Barry Grodenchick?

He's just a piss poor lawyer that hung around long enough with that Democratic dictatorship of Queens bunch, to gain their support in running for borough president.

Queens' is best known for its mediocrity on all levels.

Anonymous said...

Marshal is an excellent BURRO president!

Too bad that BURRO hall isn't located in a flood plain.
Then you'd see some action.

Anonymous said...

We need more Jews in the affected areas.
They don't put up with this kind of shit.
They've got real chutzpah and know how to pressure their lazy pols!

Great Neck's Iranian Jews (the largest concentration in the country) made sure that the LIRR Port Wash line ran up to their neck of the woods 2 days after the storm was over!

Anonymous said...

Im not political but I did hear her on 1010 radio. Its time for her to quit. For a politician she sounded like an idiot with no clue

Anonymous said...

The Queens City Council delegation has some explaining to do.

Why did they overturn term limits for the mayor?

Why did they push waterfront development?

Why did they not make an effort at emergency planning?

They are past masters at spin, getting their pictures in the papers, and smoothly stroking their constituents as they harvest taxes for their own objectives.

Locking the door after the cattle left doesn't get them off the hook for stupidly leaving it open in the first place.

The public demands answers.


Anonymous said...

Lets see Queens Civic Congress take the first step in asking some tough questions....or will they drop the ball?

Anonymous said...

Manes had plenty of "passion" for Queens...
"Queens has nothing but land, and I intend to develop every bit of it"!

At least "the Donald" had spunk.

A snort of coke might wake up Marshall.

Anonymous said...

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle...Helen drags her feet....except when a builder like Joe Mattone rings the doorbell.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Queens

One of the people trying to replace her is Petey Vallone - who wants to add 1000s on the waterfront and is the Public Safety committee chair on City Council.

Go over to his facebook page and join his community of fanatics and give him hi fives as and tell him the great job he is doing and how the entire boro needs his magic.

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall is the most incompetent politician and a symbol of what happens when one political party controls Queens.

Thank you Joe Crowley, while you and your family are safely tucked away in an affluent suburb of Washington DC, we have Helen and your idiot cousin Elizabeth running around pretending to be leaders.

Anonymous said...

@ Helen:


You're USELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, you can smash away one-party rule by choosing Ulrich over Addabbo! He is the only local Republican with a winning chance in any of this year's local elections.

Anonymous said...

CALL SUZANNE AT HELEN"S PRESS OFFICE .she's already alerted to the Helens' mug on the milk carton.

Suzanne claims Helen's in the Rockaways handing out food and blankets. Hey Helen, get me a HOTEL ROOM.

Anonymous said...

You'd think with an $80,000 a year photographer he would have been competent enough to get Marshall in ONE photo.

Anonymous said...

The next BP should retire the photog and hire a new one at half the salary.

Anonymous said...

and i repeat :is not democrat dictatorship grand ?


Anonymous said...

She's under a rock with the rest of the Queens Democratic clubhouse!

Anonymous said...

C'mon doofus...WTF does Queens Civic Congress have to do with disaster relief?
Methinks your brain hath gone soft or you're off your meds.

Anonymous said...

YESI heard the interview with her on 1010 wins. She sounded like an absolute RETARD! I was shocked and saddened that this dimwit represents me.

Anonymous said...

There's always photoshop.
She can be in the picture anyway.

Queens Crapper said...

I'll post the following and let you draw your own conclusions:

Manhattan BP has info about help after Sandy.

Brooklyn BP has info about help after Sandy.

Staten Island BP has info about help after Sandy.

Queens BP has a video of Helen at the Unisphere.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Centola


Tell us something. What would you have her do?

Queens Crapper said...

I think he made clear in the post what she should be doing.

Anonymous said...

I know what she should do - RETIRE! She's of no use to the people she is supposed to represent.

georgetheatheist said...

Look, she's just "running out the clock". Big pension with benefits and then "Adios, homina, homina, homina, I'm outta here. Screw you Queens. Sayonara suckas".

Anonymous said...

Both Alex Rosa and Irving Poy get to keep their jobs at borough hall, regardless of who becomes our next borough president.

They served Shulman and now they serve Marshall.

It was Claire Shulman who made their positions civil service posts, so they're in it for life!

Nice job security if you can get it....huh?
It beats being a transient borough president.

The Flushing Phantom said...

It looks like the BP has Dan Andrews scoping and counter posting here.

Kudos, "Crappy"!

Oh, the power of "Queens Crap"!
No media outlet or politician can afford to ignore it!

Anonymous said...

Ah...sweet old Helen Marshall...
the milk of human ignorance...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Where was Joe Crowley and Marge Markey? You know how to vote today - do it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
C'mon doofus...WTF does Queens Civic Congress have to do with disaster relief?
Methinks your brain hath gone soft or you're off your meds.





Helen said...

"Tell me what to say. Tell me what to do, Dan. This job is too much for me".

Totino the $80G/year fotog said...

Smile, Helen, smile.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a missing borough president...we have a borough president who's missing some brains.

Dimwit Helen is exactly what the developers ordered. She'll approve anything she doesn't understand. And she doesn't understand very much unless Irving Poy explains it to her...slow and easy.

Just make your presentation boards simple and colorful.

"Oh what a pretty project you plan on building, Mr.Lee".

Anonymous said...

Good chance she is sleeping. Every meeting I ever went to she was late and/or dozed off.

A few years ago I went to a Tenants Rights fund raiser and all the other BPs were there and I was embarassed when they asked where the hell was our BP.

Anonymous said...

He's at it again.
Johnny-One-Note...Lord Single-Thought...forever criticizing Queens Civic Congress.


Do you play any other tunes, fella?

WTF does QCC have to do with disaster relief?

Spin that through your addled brain and come up with a lucid answer, not the lengthy ramblings of a self styled orator.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Helen suffers from Narcolepsy.

Anonymous said...

it you voters that were asleep, for electing such a dimwit for Burro President.

Anonymous said...

It's true! All of these duplications of political services, paid for by us, should be eliminated. What the hell is a boro president anyway? Anyone out there really know what they do, except collecdt our tax money. Community Boards? Advisory? Worthless! Get rid of them! Preassure your City Council people to eliminate these offices by legislation or referendum! Wake up New York!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture Crappy!
A true Milk-carton DoNothing!

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall's website stinks compared to her colleagues. Does it run on MS-DOS or UNIVAC?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Al.

I'm voting for Al next election cycle and everyone should do the same.