Saturday, November 10, 2012

We have photographic proof that Helen is around!

For some reason, the Queens Borough President's press office has been in overdrive these past few days. I can't imagine why. Take a gander:

Marshall Tours Damage, Talks With Obama, Offers Support

Marshall And Johnson & Johnson To Assist Storm Evacuees

Marshall Says Power Should Be Restored To 90 Percent Of Howard Beach

Marshall Working With Electrical And Local Organizations To Help Speed Up Safety, LIPA Power

Marshall Visits Rockaway, Sandy Claims Another Victim

Interestingly, these were ALL published in the Queens Gazette.

Now, if I were borough president, I would have set up a mobile command center in the affected areas which would oversee operations and make sure people are getting the help they need. Being accessible is crucial. I'd have a daily press conference to disseminate the latest information. Sending out press releases stating "This is Helen's 4th visit to the Rockaways" when her office should have a 24/7 presence is not at all impressive, in my opinion.

So 90% of Howard Beach should have their power back? Has Helen taken a look at the Con Ed Power Outage Map showing the rest of the borough?


Totino her 80G/year fotog said...

Smile, Helen, smile.

Anonymous said...

Glad her photographer is earning his $80,000 salary, but feel bad that Helen was inconvenienced by Sandy and had to end her vacation. I knew she'd show up eventually when people noticed she was MIA. It took a couple of days for people to realize she wasn't around. What does that tell you? said...

Krepper, you "kahnt immahchin vy"? Vee kahn. Vee haf gud immahchinayshuns. Hahr-hahr-hahr.

The Adventures of Helen Marshall said...

Here's a nice bowl of baked of beans. Don't spill it on that donated cut. Now, stand next to me and smile for my photographer.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight

Al Centola calls out Dan Halloran and his BS about the Whitestone CYO site and his lies about the land needing to be re-mediated.

The argument makes it on the front page of the local papers. It also makes it on QC and gets around a hundred or so comments.

So now Al points out the fact that our Queens BP is MIA during a major crisis in her borough while other BP's are highly visible and trying to get their constituents help.

Both times the Queens Gazette, owned by one of chuck apelians relatives does a puff piece (Halloran) and several puff pieces (Marshall) immediately after.

Halloran and Petey Vallone are close. Rumors have it that a deal is in the works for Dan to get out of Pauls, (Petes little brother)way for the district 19 council seat. Apellian was Pauls campaign manager. The owner of the gazette and Apellian, are rumored to be relatives. (If the rumors aren't true the following is) They are from the same part of the world and both from ASS-toria.

So if we play a game of connect the dots, what do we have?

Anonymous said...

Wow this guy Al seems to know whats what. Maybe he should run for the position.

As a Queens resident Thanks Alfredo.

Anonymous said...

That's some nice photoshop job that Totino put together.

Anonymous said...

Viewing Sandy's destruction is heartbreaking enough.

Having to look at the wreckage of Helen's face is even worse.

Did "Totino" have to go and get his camera lens repaired after this shot?

Anonymous said...

Did you see where she scared the hell out of the Rockaways?

Anonymous said...

Once again I say thanks Al