Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Supermarket becomes "religious facility"

In a little over a year after illegally cutting the tree and their failed attempt opening the balaji supermarket on 256-11 Hillside Ave, the same three owners have opened a religious center in the same retail location. What a great way to hedge your investment, don't you think?

My concerns are if these smart owners are subletting the temple space from their previous failed balaji business? And for how much? The public deserves to know before these owners go around asking for donations and putting people's money in their pocket in the name of god. How did they get permission to open a temple in a retail space so fast? Construction has already started. Concerns should be directed promptly towards our elected officials.

"You cut our trees and tried to rob our people, now you're going to pay"
- Floral Park, Queens resident

Yeah, it seems like they have applied for half the property to be a religious facility and half to be a business. But where is the business located? Here's some info about the new tenant:

Relationship to Owner: TENANT
Business Address: 256-09 HILLSIDE AVENUE FLORAL PARK NY 11004


The Rev said...

So converting into a religious institution...they now get out of paying their real estate taxes? Could that be so?

Then,I'm putting a shrine in the basement of my home and filing for 501 C(3) tax exempt status.

Meetings are on Sunday.
Become a charter member of my "Church of divine Tax Evasion'.

Anonymous said...

It’s amazing that this is another case of doing the construction first and getting required permits later. People aren’t stupid, they know once they do the work the damage is done and the NYC Buildings Department can’t do anything except issue a violation.

Anonymous said...

They named their business "Help the Humanity". Cutting trees doesn't match that description. Putting a few religious statues doesn't help anyone either. What services do they offer beside collecting donations? They also own the astrology store next door, what a scam.