Saturday, November 17, 2012

She followed in Donald's footsteps

Wondering what the tie was between all the tweeders and the recently deceased Cecilia Chang, who was on trial for embezzling at St. John's University?

This Queens Tribune article from 2003 is a great reminder:

I write this on Saturday, and three non-related events of the past two days brought into focus the part of Mike [Nussbaum]’s life that is somewhat separate from our business and his family. Although Mike integrates all that he does – his family members have become my friends and mine his – and his outside ventures often become my causes, there is another Mike.

Event 1, Thursday night: Lil and I attended the Queens Jewish Community Council’s 35th Anniversary Terrace-on-the Park Gala in honor of Claire Shulman and Mike Nussbaum.

Event 2, Friday afternoon: We cleared our Tribune office floors to make room for new carpet and in looking into Mike’s office, I noticed various mementos of a peace trip to North and South Korea that Mike had arranged when Congressman Gary Ackerman became the first person since Douglas McArthur to cross the 39th parallel which divides the two nations.

Event 3, Saturday morning: Mike took Senator Chuck Shumer to welcome Taiwan President Chen Shui-Bian to New York and announce Shumer was joining the newly formed Senate Taiwan Caucus to further ties between our two nations.

Yes, Mike brings us Asian clients and friends — but that’s the smallest part. His network includes the very top government officials and business giants in the Far East as well as their counterparts here in our country.

At the Thursday night affair, I met Mike’s old friend Dr. Cecelia Chang, vice president of St. John’s and Dean of the Asian Studies program. In 1980, as president of his own company, Mike helped Cecelia put together the first government and business delegation to visit Taiwan. Queens Chamber Prez, Citibank’s Peg Sweezy, Queens Beep Donald Manes, Congressman Jim Scheuer, Councilmembers Archie Spigner and Ed Sadowsky were a few who went with them. It was that trip which established Queens County and Taipai, the capital of Taiwan, as sister cities.

It also established Mike as a player in the Far East.

From the Daily Mail:

The New York Daily News also reports that detectives investigated Ms Chang in the murder of her husband. From his death bed, Mr Tsai reportedly wrote 'My wife did this!' when questioned by detectives.

He was shot four times in the back while leaving his business in Brooklyn, New York, in 1990. He died later and no one has every been charged in his death.

Tsai's note also suggested that Dr Chang had an affair with Queens Borough President Donald Manes, a neighbor who killed himself in 1986 after being caught in a scandal.


Anonymous said...

Saw a familiar name. Thought you might like to know.

In August, 2004, Queens DOB Commissioner Magdi Mossad held a meeting in his office to discuss the "notorious" Tommy Huang's controversial 223rd Street Project. For some reason, Thomas Huang brought along the Hon. Archie Spigner.

What was that all about?

At that time, I believe that Mr. Spigner was on the staff of Sheldon Lobel, land use attorney.

Perhaps the news journalists should ask Mr. Spigner what his relatioship with the Huang's was/is?

georgetheatheist said...

Does Nussbaum have Chang's Asian exchange students wash his underwear too?

Anonymous said...

RE Spigner:

From what we've heard from a former staffer...
Archie Spigner kept on asking council member Julia Harrison about letting Tommy Huang off the hook with the RKO Keith's theater. Of course, she refused.

Ackerman, Manes, and Huang were tight with each other.

Jerry Rotondi said...

"It all comes out in the wash", so they say!

As the investigation continues, I expect we will be seeing some very dirty rinse water (and maybe a few additional crooks) go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Did you say, "news journalists"?
And where, pray tell, can we find a good investigative reporter these days?

You will certainly not find any at Ackerman's, Nussbaum's, Schenkler's Queens Tribune.

The you've got that wedding news rag the Courier.
Vickie is a close friend of Claire Shulman.

If they should choose to do any investigating...which is highly will pass right by "granny" Shulman's door.

Anonymous said...

What a can of worms the FBI just opened up!

Perhaps Cecilia Chang was really murdered, just one day after she started breaking down in court!

She knew too much!

Maybe her "suicide" was staged.
Stranger things have happened.

Notice the press mentioned her "apparent" suicide!

Anonymous said...

Newspaper accounts put Chang visiting Manes at his home around the time of his suicide!

Maybe SJU was the epicenter for Taiwanese money laundering...knowingly or unknowingly. Have they possibly got any Italian mob ties?

Joe Sciamme's looks can leave you cold.

Back in the 70s was about the time that Tommy Huang was spreading cash around....buying up politicians and judges! Was Huang and Chang that went to Taiwan to raise money for SJU's Asian studies center.

They raised mega millions of dollars but that Dr. Sen Yat Sen Center didn't cost nearly the amount that they both raised.

Where did all those $$$$$$$$$$$ go?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the FBI read Jack Neufield's and Wayne Barrett's book, "City For Sale. It's all in there!

Almost every connected Democrat went on that 1980s junket to Taiwan:
CB#7 reps, Ackerman, Huang, etc.

WTF were they all doing there...
dividing up the Flushing pie or arranging for the best way to pocket laundered cash?

Anonymous said...

I'm offering a tip to the FBI.
Follow the trail to Michael Nussbaum's door!

The news media called him, "Manes" bag man".

His connections to Taiwan need to be scoped.

A forensic accounting specialist might uncover a gold mine of information there.

Queens Crap will continue to many people's info drop who want to remain anonymous for fear of retribution .

Agents, please stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Chang's son was barred from entering his mother, Cecilia's, home.

Was he there to scoop up some evidence that might reveal WHO ELSE is connected to her criminal empire?

The feds haven't broken the Taiwanese crime ring yet. Maybe it's about all to come down soon.

John Liu (Tommy Huang's cousin) is taking his hit. Ackerman just "retired" in time to save his pension should he have been indicted.

Jimmy Meng is on the meat hook.
These are ALL Taiwanese gangsters, or tong members, if you prefer!

The tide looks like it's finally shifting.
It only took about 30 years.

Nice job, FBI! Keep on sniffing out clues and continue following Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

Whoa...wait a minute folks...the dragon lady suddenly decides to off herself after opening up her big mouth in public?

Tsk, tsk, tsk!
I dunno...sounds awfully convenient to me.

She knew a lot of names. Maybe a few of those names helped her join her ancestors.

Ya nevah ya?

I'm giving up "Mad Men' to follow this hot soap opera very closely!

Anonymous said...


Tommy Huang once offered Julia Harrison a trip Taiwan for a "..fundraiser..." and he added "...just like I did for Gary...".

Wanna guess who that Gary was?

She refused him and notified DOI immediately!

Anonymous said...

Former Taiwan President Chen Shui-Bian went to jail for corruption. Nice to know that Ackerman and Schumer were big fans.

Anonymous said...

one wonders who the NYS governor was at the time ?

Many dems. lived in Jamaica Estates at the time.

St. John's grads include W.J.Clinton's Sec. of Commerce ,Ron Brown, NYS Gov. M. Cuomo, Cong. C.Rangel.

Anonymous said...

the last great "investigative reporter" was John Miller.he worked for ABC/ 2020 co-host with B.Walters.he was Asst. to NYC, N.Y.P.D.Commissioner Bratton.Former Asst. Director F.B.I.. He was last reporter to interview Osama Bin Laden in the caves of Afghanistan.
And co-wrote the book with Michael Stone " THE CELL" (inside the 9/11 plot) on Al Qaeda 9/11 terrorists who toppled the WTC and killed 3000 citizens.

Miller was the only reporter who Gotti would speak to.
i recall seeing a bio on F. Costello that he was real godfather to Miller (see tv "MOBSTERS". Costello was friendly with his parents.

and the beat goes

Anonymous said...

was there a connection with the nyc real estate commissioner attempted stealing 25,000 sq.feet of P.S.130 property,on F.L/Blvd, Bayside, in 1981-86 and the D.MANES/P.SUTTON /D.DINKINS straw cable co. B/Q Cable, which Time/Warner (then Warner/American) bought?
was Nussbaum the bagman in this cable scam? and property grab?
the D.O.I. dropped the investigation, when NYC R.E.Commissioner ,T.Moan resigned.

Anonymous said...

the recently (1981) closed P.S.130Q building ,prior to the D.O.I. probe, was to be auctioned to Warner /Amex Cable, St.Nicolas Greek Church ,U.N. International School, according to B.S.A. public documents and the media.

Anonymous said...

She followed in Donald's footsteps?

From what it's beginning to look like, she was in bed with Donald...financially...maybe even sexually!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note that the Queens Tribune refrained from doing a story on Chang.

Would it be hitting too close to home?
They'd be smarter to hide out on this one!

I'll bet they went and shredded all of their documents pertaining to Chang.

If I were an FBI department head I'd obtain search warrants for Nussbaum's, Ackerman's, Schenckler's, Shulman's Tommy Huang & Sons' homes and offices.

Maybe even serve a warrant on Myra Baird Herce . Manes set her up in her Downtown Flushing Development Corp. Tommy Huang was on their board. $30,000 from that group is still unaccounted for.

Huang was also a CB#7 board member.

Come to think of it, certain former and present
CB# 7 members should be scoped also.

If the feds really do a thorough job, all the chickens will eventually come home to roost...the ones that still remain alive today!

Anonymous said...

was not a nyc counselor named Nussbaum the boss of Linda Tripp (Lewinsky's work friend) at the WH legal office, during the 1994 Vince Foster , D.C."suicide"
in Fort Marcy Park ?

search :Chris Ruddy, Newsmax .com

also see "RON BROWN". . .