Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rory comes roaring back

From The Politicker:

Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who lost a Democratic primary to Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng earlier this year and declined to run for reelection, now has his sights set on a new chamber of elected office: New York City Council.

“There’s a tremendous turnover in city government next year, including the City Council itself,” Mr. Lancman told us yesterday afternoon. “So I think there’s a real opportunity for someone with experience and energy to have a big impact in shaping the city in the next 4 to 8 years. That’s something that this time didn’t really exist for me in the State Assembly but will in the City Council. It’s exciting to be a part of it.”

Mr. Lancman intends to run for term-limited Councilman Jim Gennaro’s seat in eastern Queens. And, unlike his congressional campaign where the local Democratic establishment had aligned against him, they appear to be fully at his back this time around, at least if his campaign kickoff invitation is any indication. The event is headlined by the borough’s Democratic chairman, Rep. Joe Crowley, while Ms. Meng and a plethora of local elected officials are members of the host committee. Also included are representatives from a number of labor heavyweights, including UFT, RWDSU, SEIU 32BJ, SEIU Local 199, Hotel Trades Council and more.


Anonymous said...

What Queens needs...another leftist

Anonymous said...

Career politicians = career criminals

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just go away? Why do some people bounce from office to office? He's becoming another Weprin.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 1:

Any time that Crapper posts an item about Lancman, someone makes a reference to him being a "leftist." Since when is Rory Lancman a leftist?

Anonymous said...

So far, it's the usual griping over seeing the same old faces. But Rory is a unique case. When he ran for Congress, he ruled out staying in the Assembly.

In a way, he resembles Tony Avella, but with fewer press conferences and better relations with his colleagues. Lancman and Avella both come from civic backgrounds and arose through the party's ranks.

Avella challenged County by running for mayor. Lancman bucked County by running for Congress.

Avella made peace with County after defeating Padavan. Lancman made peace with County as he prepares to run for Council.

Avella believes in term limits for practically every elected position. Lancman gave up his safe Assembly seat in pursuit of his dream.

Whether these two men are career pols or mavericks, I'll let you draw the conclusion. One thing is for sure, they are not criminals.

Anonymous said...

Recycle the same losers?

Anonymous said...

I laughed myself silly seeing Rory Lancman running for a judgeship in Westchester on the Working Families line ... using the election law to get out from his endorsement for Congress by them, I'm guessing ... (OK, OK, just like Lazio in the Bronx)

Anonymous said...

Rory Lancman is also a Veteran !

Lancman = Goodguy

Anonymous said...

My kitten, not exactly the MGM lion, roars louder than Rory.

Lancman is another slice of Dem machine mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Better Democratic clubhouse "mediocre", than a mendacious Republican screwball like Halloran.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Rory used the WFP line in Westchester in order to return to his party's good Grace.

Which is more congenial of him than Iannece, who still kept his third party label after losing to Rozic in his Democratic primary.

When you play well with your party's colleagues, you can deliver more bread to your district. That's why Lancman and Avella are playing nice with the clubhouse.

Being a loose cannon delivers headlines, and perhaps a few angry votes, but not the results that constituents seek from their elected representatives.