Sunday, November 11, 2012

Riis Park lot turned into massive garbage dump

From NY1:

The drive to Jacob Riis Park is a familiar one, but now most beachgoers probably wouldn't recognize it.

Seagulls usually drawn to picnics are now drawn to the remnants of Hurricane Sandy and a steady stream of sanitation trucks.

"Residents of Rockaway and Howard Beach Queens are so lucky that the National Parks Service immediately granted access to use this facility or else the magnitude of the clean up would be a lot worse," Joseph Hickey from the Department of Sanitation said.

At Jacob Riis Park, a parking lot for beachgoers in the summer has morphed into a temporary dump.

All around there are mountains of trash created by items that were once the prized possessions of Rockaway residents.


Anonymous said...

this is where Helen Marshall and Mike Bloomberg belong. in the garbage dump.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad.....

Joe said...

Those Gibson and Epiphone guitar cases even if wet can be dried out and worth $$, hinges, handels, linings