Friday, November 9, 2012

Raccoon rides out storm at library

From DNA Info:

A raccoon looking for shelter during Hurricane Sandy has been holing up at a Queens library.

Children coming to the Queens Library at Baisley Park in South Jamaica named the animal "Mr. Rocky Books" after the raccoon found its way into the library's atrium last week during the worst of devastating storm.

The kids built the animal a carboard-box home and have been keeping him company by reading him books through a window separating the children’s section from the atrium, which is a small garden in the middle of the library building.

Neighborhood volunteers discovered the animal hiding under a shrub when they came to clean up after the storm.

“The kids love him,” said Joanne King, communications director for the Queens Library system. “For now, everyone is happy to have him as a guest, but he can’t stay. It’s a wild animal.”

King noted no one knows how the racoon got into the atrium, which is accessible to staff members who have been refilling his food and water.

King said that if the racoon is unable to find his way out on his own, the library will consult with wild animal experts for help.


Anonymous said...

Nice that the kids are getting face time with Rocky - but raccoons carry rabies, among other things - so people really shouldn't be in the same room with it.

Queens Crapper said...

They aren't in the same room with him. Read the damn article.

Anonymous said...

Not all raccoons carry rabies.

Anonymous said...

But they carry fleas and ticks - not a good idea to put a wild animal in doors like this.

Anonymous said...

Even without rabies a coon can be a dangerous critter when cornered.

Queens Crapper said...

The raccoon was not "put" indoors, it found its way in. The children are not in contact with the animal.