Friday, November 2, 2012

Queens is out of gas!

From the Queens Courier:

With millions of New Yorkers heading back to work and limited subway service, many residents hopped in their cars only to find no place to fill up.

“Gas is in short supply,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed at the daily press conference updating New Yorkers on the city’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

Long lines litter the gas stations throughout the borough that still have gas, with drivers waiting more than hour.

There have been refineries or distribution sites that have had issues post-Sandy causing them to shut down and those problems have cascaded through the system, the mayor said.

One gas station owner in Fresh Meadows said it may be days before the shortage is over.

“The terminals that supply fuel to the gas stations are out of order, so it will probably take a few days. I own a gas station. We as gas station owners were told that we will not see any gas for 3 days (and that was yesterday). The terminals are out of power,” he said.

Other stations are still without electricity, preventing them from pumping gas.


Anonymous said...

the Gulf Station at F.L.B./Utopia Pkwy (32Ave.) gas line extended to 24 Avenue at 11PM,Thur. Nite. Northern Blvd./219 St. ran out of gas at 1:15 AM.
no luck...

price is $3.89, down 41 cents in one week ? but motorists are running on empty. and obama is in Las Vegas. what a government ?

gas lines were formed at Bell Blvd southbound from 30th ave to 35 Ave at 1 :AM

reminds me of 1977, during the Carter Adm.depression/gas crisis.the gas line extended west on Northern Blvd. from F.L.B to the Mobil station at Utopia Blvd. they only served odd lic.#'s on certain days and even #s on the rest of the week.

rumors that the tankers were being backed up in the N.J /NY bay were rampant, to wait for higher prices to go into effect.they did eventually triple in cost.

Iran took 40-50 American Embassy hostages shortly
after .when R.Reagan was elected by 44 states in 1979. Iran released the hostages.
i traveled with former hostage Terry Anderson ,years

Carter was ahead by 6 polling pts,one week before the election.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Generally speaking--
when it comes to having enough caring or even honest politicians and public officials--Queens has been "out of gas" for decades.

Then we've got those those models of public service at borough hall. Exactly what are these civil service"lifers" doing these days besides greasing through development projects?

Anonymous said...

Watching Bloomberg & Co. pat each other on the shoulder and kissing each others' sphincters is far from amusing.

Where's the national guard to prevent the crime spate that's occurring in the lower east side nabe?

Oh, that might expose NYPD Commissioner Kelly not doing his best job.

Anonymous said...

Where does Mayor mike refuel his limo?

We know that he cant take his usual ride to work on the subway...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 1:

Ask the gas companies. It's the law of supply and demand. When you control the supply, you can demand and do whatever you want.

Ask Romney, who went to Ohio (gee, I wonder why) to donate items to New Jersey that New Jersey doesn't need.

Ask Chris Christie (who must now be a RINO to you) who has or hasn't doen things to help.

And what did the polls look like at this time four years ago? As I remember, a lot closer than things turned out.

Desperate people like you say desperate things.

Anonymous said...

my guess is bloomberg has plenty of gas for all of his cars and planes!!!!!!

georgetheatheist said...

You don't need gas. The bike lanes are open.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Mike probably has his own private gas pump to fuel up his limo. This asshole is so out of touch with reality. He needs to be impeached. I pray that stations get deliveries soon. People need to be calm and hang in there.

Anonymous said...

The late night gas siphoning thieves will be out tonight! Keep a close watch on your car..........

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anon. Nos. 6 and 8:

That goes without saying.

Patrick Sweeney said...

I counted 130 cars on Northern Blvd stretching from Steinway St (where the Hess station is) to wrapping around 48th Street (near National Liquidators)

Joe in Richmond hill said...

At 12 noon Saturday Nov 03: Line for Hess on Atlantic and 104th (across from Staples) goes to 121 street and around corner across from FDNY. I saw man pushing his van on 116 st. Good thing road is flat. On Lefferts and Atlantic a small green suv cut into the line infront of a silver car. People are in their cars on short lines at the Gulf and BP which don't have gas. They are waiting for next delivery which could be tommorrow. Someone told me the police are at the Hess station the line is for. Someone else told me the police actually pump the gas.

Anonymous said...

This is why they put in bike lanes you nitwits.

Who needs cars - they just f*ck up the city's carbon footprint that keeps on rising from all the new development.

Anonymous said...

Au contraire!
Borough hall generates plenty!

Anonymous said...

If you can ride a bike.
It's good exercise and it helps keep our air clean. There is no need to drive a SUV to get a loaf of bread and a quart of milk.

Anonymous said...

I just walked to my store and they're out of bread and milk just like I surmise you're out of brains!

My neighbor's bike just got stolen too!

Anonymous said...

My neighbors wheels got stolen off his car. What's your point?
Those of us who happen to own a bicycle in addition to a car are laughing at the people spending many hours in line for gas. Yes I still need to drive to work, and I will have enough gas to do that if I don't drive around town for little things.

Queens Crapper said...

How are you delivering supplies to the ravaged areas on your bike?

Anonymous said...

"people spending many hours in line for gas."
While I ride my bike getting needed exercise and not harming the environment. :-)

Anonymous said...

"How are you delivering supplies to the ravaged areas on your bike?"

It's not simply one or the other. We need vehicles of course.

But if I have to ride a bike to get to work it's an option, and a better option for me than spending many hours in line for gas. Also, We should be prioritizing keeping diesel supplied for delivery trucks over gasoline so people can drive around to run every little errand.

Don't get me wrong, I regularly drive around to do simple errands also, but I also understand how to adjust my behavior in a time of crisis. By owning a bicycle for the occasional pleasure ride, I also have a reasonable alternative to my car, and I will likely not have to wait in any gas line before things return to normal.

Riding a bicycle for transportation does not make someone a second class citizen or make them any less important than someone driving a car.

Anonymous said...

"Riding a bicycle for transportation does not make someone a second class citizen or make them any less important than someone driving a car."

Well said ! Could not agree with you any more. My bike is for pleasure riding, exercise and a back up for times like these. Thank you for making sense.
Too all you bike haters I say "More Bike Lanes " :-)

Queens Crapper said...

Thanks but my grandmother can't "adjust her behavior" to make it to her polling site tomorrow. And no one can drive her because they have no gas.

So she will be disenfranchised since she can't ride a bike.

Anonymous said...

Just one question for Crappy.
Do you own a bike ?