Sunday, November 4, 2012

Parties divided over polling sites

From True News for Change NYC:

For the last few days there has been talk of creating a Queens "super poll" at the Aqueduct Racino where all the the voters flooded out could go to vote on elections. True News has learned why that plan has not gone forward. The political leaders who control the board have been fighting each other for control. Board watchers cannot believe that the people's constitutional right to vote is being delayed for so long on such an important vote. There is a power struggle going on within the board between the Crowley forces and the senate majority leader Skelos GOP board loyalists on where to locate the Super Poll. The GOP does not want it at the Racino because they say the place is controlled by Crowley and the Democrats. According to BOE insiders, that fight has delayed a voting plan for 3 or 4 days. According to today's NY Post, the BOE has decided on a comprise plan of 3 Super Polling sites in Queens. But that delay means fewer voters will know where to vote and there is less time for the incompetent BOE to set up emergency tent polls.

Photo from the Daily News


Jerry Rotondi said...

What a bunch of pigs!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am appalled!

These sleaze bags are taking advantage of people during such a time of distress.

I guess that party politics far outweighs concern for constituents' needs.

Maybe I should vote ALL of my incumbents out and shake things up a little!

You would think that with the tidal surge, it would have flushed clean some of our political stagnation.

Have you no shame?

Anonymous said...

No delay on voting. Nuetral site arrange for buses 1/2 hourly in affected areas to take folks to the polls.

Anonymous said...

virginia Joe has to go

Anonymous said...

Send Virginia Joe packing. Let's get rid of this parasite once and for all. Vote him out. Folks, it can only get better without him.

Anonymous said...

'Virginia" Joe might see himself as lace curtain Irish, but he's even lower than shanty Irish....even with all the aires he puts on.
As my Irish American friend just reminded me, he's pig shit Irish!

Jerry Rotondi said...

As long as we continue to have all of our ill informed voters that fill up Queens,"Virginia" Joe is certain to be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Joe (The Virginian) Crowley and his little pal Simotas both should be voted out of office. These clubhouse political hacks care more about the Democratic Party than they do about the community they exploit.

Anonymous said...

You guys are just figuring this out now? Always vote for the non-incumbent, until things get better.

Anonymous said...

These guys play for their team not their constituents.
It's a great racket to be a Congressman.

I wish my mother would have told me that.

I could have run for office and won instead of wasting my time going to college.

I'm 45 years old and still paying off my student loans.

Anonymous said...

Why do the other biggies who run the Queens Democratic party live in Nassau county?

You voters better wake up, before you get shafted in your sleep again!

Anonymous said...

Uh.... GAS?????

Journalist said...

Ulrich Charges Poll Placement Politics By the BOE

True News First Told You Over the Weekend That The Was Playing Politics With Relocating Storm Wrecked Polling Places

Ulrich campaign accuses BOE of obstruction (CrainsNY) So in advance of Tuesday’s election, Mr. Ulrich’s campaign has furiously been trying to locate alternative sites for voting. But it says the Queens Democratic Board of Elections commissioner, Jose Miguel Araujo, has been obstructing those efforts.