Friday, November 9, 2012

Lopez possibly considering City Council run

From the NY Post:

A day after sweeping to re-election with a resounding 90 percent of the vote, embattled Brooklyn legislator Vito Lopez dropped a political bombshell yesterday by announcing this might be his last term in the Assembly.

“While I will continue to advocate fiercely for the residents of the 53rd Assembly District through this term with the commitment, dedication and devotion I always have, over the next few months, I will be evaluating my plans to seek re-election to the New York State Assembly,” Lopez declared.

He pointed out that he has “proudly served” Williamsburg and Bushwick residents for nearly 30 years and has rounded up more than 7,000 signatures on this year’s nominating petitions — more than anyone else — despite “over 300 negative articles” in the press over the last three years.

His stunning announcement immediately set off speculation that the wily pol, considered a brilliant strategist, had something up his sleeve.

“I think what he’s alluding to are the rumors that he’s seriously considering a run for the City Council,” said one insider. “This is a guy who spends 24/7 thinking about politics. He’s often a couple of steps ahead of everybody else.”

As The Post first reported, Lopez has told friends that he might quit the Assembly — where he has been stripped of the chairmanship of the influential Housing Committee — to take a run at the council seat now held by longtime rival Diana Reyna, who has to leave at the end of 2013 because of the city’s term-limits law.

As a bonus, Lopez would likely get to choose his successor.

There would be a special election to fill his seat and the Democratic nominee — and almost certain winner — would be selected by the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee.


Anonymous said...

Perfect for city council!

Anonymous said...

"Lopez possibly considering City Council run "

And you people of Southern Brooklyn will, without resistance or deliberation, vote for him.

Queens Crapper said...

The district includes part of Ridgewood as well.

Anonymous said...

He'll get along fine with the rest of the crooks on the City Council.

Anonymous said...

nys/nyc democrat dictatorship....SICK ....AND GETTING SICKER.....

Anonymous said...

He is the most shameless, tone deaf politician this side of Bloomberg. No party should nominate him; no voter should waste their vote on him. He's a dirty old man whose political career is well past the expiration date. If Lopez doesn't "know when to fold 'em," as the song goes, then the Brooklyn and Queens Democratic parties and the electorate should do it for him.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be difficult to do that job from jail. by by