Monday, November 5, 2012

Lawmakers trying to sneak a pay raise in

From the NY Post:

Gov. Cuomo and legislators are still pushing for a pay raise for lawmakers — even in the midst of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, The Post has learned.

And the salary increase may be secured in a post-election special legislative session that’s supposed to deal with hurricane-relief issues, sources said.

The pay raise will be harder to justify because of Sandy’s impact on the region — including more than 100,000 homes damaged — but Cuomo and the leaders plan to push for it anyway, the sources said.

“It’s harder now after Sandy, but it’s still a possibility,’’ said a source close to the Cuomo administration and the legislative leaders.

'If there’s a special session after Tuesday’s elections—and it’s a possibility that there will be, to deal with Sandyrelated issues — there’s still a chance the pay raise will be on the table.'

“If there’s a special session after Tuesday’s elections — and it’s a possibility that there will be, to deal with Sandy-related issues — there’s still a chance the pay raise will be on the table,’’ the source continued.

Cuomo wants to link the pay raise — the first for lawmakers since 1999 — to ethics reforms, a higher state minimum wage, and a salary increase for his top aides and commissioners, whose pay has also been frozen for 14 years.


Anonymous said...

i just renewed my NYS Auto Registration. it increased from $30.00 (2011) to $141.00. (2012).

that is almost a five times increase. Why ?

seniors ,on fixed income ,can not afford this inflation and will not approve of any NYS politician's salary increase at the present.

Anonymous said...

Give the Guv a pay raise then maybe he can afford to wear a necktie.

Honestly...Cuomo looks like an underdressed slob.

Anonymous said...

Freeze all salary increases!

The governor suggested (on the very day of the hurricane) that a levee might have to be built around lower Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Senator Avella refuses his pay hike....LOL!
Then Toby Ann can take his and add it to hers.

Anonymous said...

What about us Court staff: frozen since 2008 and linked to the Judges, they got theirs, where's ours?

Anonymous said...

when there is very little private sector tax revenue because of 10%-15% unemployment and underemployment in the Metropolitan area , you public servants will not get salary and benefit increases. feel fortunate that you have steady income during the depression from 2008-2012.

Anonymous said...

Those Albany crooks are stealing enough from us downstate as it is.

The only raise I would consider is, hanging our legislators from a flagpole.

The governor gets 10 years in prison , 'cause he's got some privileges .After all..he's"the Guv"!