Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jimmy Meng pleads guilty

From the NY Post:

The first Asian-American elected to New York's state legislature is scheduled to plead guilty this afternoon to charges stemming from a federal bribery case, sources told The Post.

Former state Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, 68, had promised to pay off Manhattan prosecutors who were pursuing a tax fraud case against a Meng associate, the feds say.

Meng — who represented Flushing from 2005 to 2006 — solicited $80,000 in bribes from the associate while promising he could make the case disappear, officials said.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors say that Meng directed the man to place $80,000 in cash into a fruit basket that Meng would send someone to collect.

In late July, the man - who secretly had become an FBI informant - drove to Meng’s Queens lumber yard with a fruit basket containing several thousand dollars, prosecutors said. Meng took it and was arrested by the FBI.

Meng's arrest this Summer marked the broadening of a probe by a team of Brooklyn federal prosecutors and FBI agents that is focusing on public corruption in southeast Queens.


Anonymous said...

Nice timing - right after the elections....

Anonymous said...

Of course Queens voters elected his daughter to office as he was under investigation for such crimes.

That's what they do in Queens. The area known as Flushing has an apt ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Grace must be so proud.

The apple doesn't fall from the tree???

Anonymous said...

Do I hear a pardon ?

Anonymous said...

Is Johnny boy going to be the next?

Anonymous said...

If that was the amount of bribe, imagine the value of the tax fraud!

Anonymous said...

Also, how was Meng going to make the case go away? Sounds like some peple at the DAs office need to be investigated as well!

Anonymous said...

"Do I hear a pardon ?"

Why? Does he have the goods on the President?

Anonymous said...

Of course he waited until the idiots in Queens elected his daughter. Remember -- you get the government you deserve. Suckers!!!

Anonymous said...

is not democrat dictatorship grand?

and the queens simpleton voters rewards him by electing his daughter to represent them in the U.S.Congress?

georgetheatheist said...

SHE DIDN'T KNOW HER FATHER WAS A CROOK!!!! That's what she said. Now go away and read a book or sumfthin like that.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of antagonizing George: the sins of the father are not visited upon the son (John 9:1-5) - or in this case the daughter. Yes, Jimmy is a crook, but I don't recall Grace Meng being accused of taking a bag of cash. If she is corrupt or ineffective, we'll just elect someone else - if the Queens Republicans would nominate viable candidates.

Anonymous said...

How conveeeenient!

georgetheatheist said...

Grace Meng corruption: hiring whoremeisters ("Hot Asian Kiss") Schenkler & Nussbaum to print her campaign literature.

Grace Meng inefficiency: no progress in getting Albany to license so-called massage parlors.

Grace Meng = Corruption and Ineffectiveness.

Now go and sin no more. (John 8:2-11)

Anonymous said...

No mention of party in the article.
Have to guess he was a Dem.

Anonymous said...

The sins of the father don't fall upin the son but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

We always hear from people who are proud of their parents and that makes sense, good people make good parents.

It's my opinion that crooks (like for example, Joseph Liu) make crooks.

Tick, tick , tick

Jerry Rotondi said...

Don't blame me.
I didn't vote for Grace Meng.
I didn't vote for Dan Halloran either.

But if I were water boarded--forced to choose between the 2--I'd have gone for the lesser of the 2 evils.
And who would that be?

That's my business!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy rolled over on someone.
That and the guilty plea cuts his jail time.

What a historic moment!
A Taiwanese admits to being a crook!

John Liu must be drinking Imodium like water
Oliver and Jenny are going to give him up soon!

The Oriental tide appears to be changing!

Anonymous said...

Why would Jimmy Meng have the goods on President Obama..."A" hole?

Are you still pissed off that he won re-election?
Get over it, Gramps!

Much more likely...Jimmy's got the goods on THE WHOLE Queens Democratic clubhouse!

They've been selling us out to Taiwanese interests since the days of Donald Manes, in exchange for political campaign contributions!

Democratic machine "dignitaries" ALL took that famous trip to Taiwan with Tommy Huang, Gary Ackerman, Michael Nussbaum, etc.

It's ALL been documented in the book, "City For Sale" and one of Mike Schenckler's old editorials published in the Queens Tribune.

They didn't go to Taipei just to eat pork dumplings!

Anonymous said...

When the feds finally finish connecting all of the dots....who knows who will be next?

They might come knocking on the door of the Queens Tribune.

"We have a federal warrant for Michael Nussbaum's arrest"!

"Nussie", that self styled Asian "ambassador" is hiding out in the hub of the wheel.

Squeeze him hard and he'll squeal like the pig that he is, to keep out of jail. He's not the hub, but he can identify the spokes...the folks...that extend from it.

Remember...Nussiaum was Donald Manes' "bag man" in the Time Warner bribery scandal (as the news media had described him).

He narrowly escaped serving a jail term back then.

No, Nussie is no ringleader...just a middle man...a pimp. But HE KNOWS who the other players are.

Follow this good lead, you valiant FBI agents.
Pursue this...and you call fill up some more prison cells with scum from the Democratic clubhouse.

Mc Laughlin and Hevesi are already down...with Jimmy Meng awaiting his fate...and John Liu biting his fingernails down o the quick.


Anonymous said...


The last thing that an Asiatic wants to do in life is "lose face".

And here it is...Jimmy Meng's real face has been exposed...GUILTY as charged!

Maybe it's time for Jimmy to consider doing the Cecilia Chang thing.

The FBI has got Jimmy on tape in the midst of committing a crime. How could he have denied it?

In his'd have to have a pair bigger than rice grains to try and deny your guilt.

"That 80 grand in the bottom of the fruit basket was my change from the greengrocer".

Anonymous said...

Some 12 years ago, Liu's father was caught in an FBI sting for bank fraud, and they waited after Johnny was elected before they sentenced him. But did he go to jail? Nah! Jimmy won't go to jail either. said...

"HO SWEET IT IS!" Ja, zat vas anudder gut von! Und I alvays reat der Tribyoon. Hahr, hahr.

Anonymous said...

#19 are off topic, as usual...and still commenting to yourself....

Anonymous said...

Nothing is off topic when it comes to the Byzantine machinations of the Democratic clubhouse dictatorship.

Everybody is connected to everybody in this political arena. It's a daisy chain of corruption, where one hand washes the other!

Anonymous said...

The trolls are out in force.
Someone must have inadvertently hit some nail right on the head for them to be so pissed off!

Anonymous said...

From what we've just heard, Jimmy Meng has no great love for John Liu, because Johnny belongs to a different tong than Jimmy.

Both tongs were competing to control Flushing.

Jimmy has probably already given up Johnny to the feds. Now he'd better watch his ass! The rival tong is likely to be VERY unhappy!

Anonymous said...

Does John Liu and his cousin Tommy Huang belong to the same tong?

Anonymous said...

Southeast Queens?
The FBI should be focusing on Flushing.
That's the epicenter of Chinese corruption!

Anonymous said...

But Joseph Liu, John Liu's father, didn't plead guilty.
This is a first! Jimmy Meng ADMITTED his guilt.

Maybe mainland China will seize back Taiwan and we'll see an end to these low life Taiwanese crooks emigrating to our shores.

They were the Chinese that ruined Flushing.
Our local pols were their accomplices.

Anonymous said...

Toby Dowager Empress promote Eavan Evi Princeling from envy for crime heirs Mwng an Liu. Chinese people are better and deserve better than that. Ripablec party was home of Anna Chenault and Alfred Hong. They are FOR REAL!

Anonymous said...

Not only did John Liu's father not plead guilty, when he was convicted he appealed his conviction.

Of course everyone has a right to do that, but that doesn't make it the moral choice.

John Liu's father WAS guilty. He should have never committed the crime and when caught he should have admitted his guilt and not wasted the time and money of the people on this country.

His appeal was, of course denied because he was guilty.

That family has no shame in my view.

Tick, tick, tick.....