Friday, November 16, 2012

Hevesi to be sprung from prison soon

From the Daily News:

Disgraced former state Controller Alan Hevesi will be out of prison for the holidays, the Daily News has learned.

A state Parole Board panel approved Hevesi’s second attempt at parole after a Wednesday hearing, a source familiar with the situation said.

Now known as inmate 11-R-1334, the 72-year-old Hevesi will be back home by Dec. 19.

The former pol was denied his first shot at parole last December by a 2-to-1 vote of a Parole Board panel. In keeping him locked up, the majority cited his “shallow” attempt at accepting blame.

Andrew Hevesi said his father this time accepted full responsibility during the hearing.

Hevesi said his father also took responsibility “for several life-long patterns that have hurt his family and friends that are unrelated to what happened in the controller’s office."

His crony, Hank Morris, was denied parole.


Anonymous said...

is not democrat dictatorship grand ?

Anonymous said...

Now he can sped $$$from his 3 pensions........

Jerry Rotondi said...

Never commit a small crime.
Nobody will read the book you write about it.

A suggested title for Hevesi's literary entre,
"Grand Larceny Is Grand".

Anonymous said...

Brian McLaughlin is still in jail, after serving over three years. Will he be sprung from prison also?

Anonymous said...

What a loser.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the pols are already calling him with good wishes on his freedom.

Birds of a feather.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Tony Seminerio died in the big house they they wrote lavish praise for him in the papers.

The same will happen for Hevesi. A job is waiting for him on the outside.

Unlike the rest of us, the machine takes care of their own.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need a job..........hw collects 3 pensions.......And SS.

Anonymous said...

Back to all the young interns in Albany? YYYEEE HAAAA!!!!