Friday, November 9, 2012

Gas rationing started this morning

From NBC 4:

Significant damage to northern New Jersey petroleum distribution facilities -- including the region’s largest refinery -- could keeps lines long at the gasoline pumps for weeks, NBC 4 New York's I-Team has learned.

When Sandy came ashore last week, the Bayway Refinery in Linden, N.J. took on 12 feet of salt water, according to Rich Johnson, a spokesman for Phillips 66, the refinery’s parent company. Floodwaters damaged critical equipment, hampering the facility’s ability to pump gasoline into pipelines that are typically accessed by tanker trucks.

“We had a lot of electrical equipment that was damaged,” said Johnson.

The Bayway refinery is the most productive refinery in the tri-state region, processing about 238,000 barrels of crude oil per day. On the East Coast, Bayway is second only to a plant operated by Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which has a production capacity of 335,000 barrels a day.

As a result of the problems at Bayway and other storm-damaged petroleum terminals, many delivery trucks must fill up with wholesale gasoline at terminals in the Philadelphia area, severely delaying shipments to New York and New Jersey gas stations.

From The Huffington Post:

Due to the high demand of gas post-Hurricane Sandy, New York City and Long Island will begin gas rationing on Friday morning.

If your license plate ends with an even number, you can only purchase gas on an even-numbered day. If your license plate ends with an odd number, you can only buy gas on odd-numbered days.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg signed an emergency order instituting gas rationing on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Wrong! Al Gore started rationing by requiring local blends, which makes it impossible to alleviate bottlenecks by shipping fuel next door.

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

The law requiring local blends was suspended due to this shortage.

Also the according to the news, the terminals which fill tanker trucks in Brooklyn and Queens were damaged. I think they were mean the ones along the East river such as in Greenpoint.

r185 said...

Bloomberg should have done this on Day 1. It seems to be easing things in NJ - why not here until deliveries get back to normal?

Joe in Richmond Hill said...

Also terminals on long island damaged.

The Mayors and Govenors should also be applealing for people to conserve- Use mass transit, bike, walk, car pool. Don't do any unnessary driving.

Anonymous said...

If prices could just simply find their level (instead of being forced down by prosecutions for "price gouging"), then demand would go down as people would have to think about usage. It would then also become more economic to have the tankers come from areas with functioning terminals. It would not be necessary to have the odd/even rationing and other interventions in the market. People would then car-pool, take mass transit, or walk more.

Anonymous said...

It is not rationing if everyone still buys the same amount of gasoline, just on different days.

So if I understand this rule correctly, people with odd number plates must buy their gas with a gas can on even numbered days and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

the N.Y.P.D. at every station will not permit a car with the wrong lic.(last Digit #) near the station.
one with a gas can must park elsewhere and walk to fill their can.

the federal government "JONES ACT" was invoked during the B.P.spill and Hurricane Katrina period a few years ago, especially in the Gulf area.
the feds. would not allow foreign tankers to dock in the U.S. and transfer their gas to U.S.citizens.

they revoked this because of the damage to the N.Jersey terminals and docks.

but it was after the storm and has not been helpful so far.????????

in the meantime Cuomo and Schumer said that the gas shortage was due to public panic buying, on TV. ?????

when your gas gage is below the empty warning buzzer, one needs gas. after lining up at three stations in one nite,and not getting it. that is not public panic buying ????

maybe gas tanker trucks should have been positioned in the metro area ,before the storm hit.