Friday, November 9, 2012

Gas price gouging in College Point

"130-09 14th ave in College Point.

Cross Island Parkway, Whitestone.

150-65 Cross Island Parkway. They not only kept prices the same but hired extra people to pump gas in order to speed lines up.

Thanks, Exxon of Whitestone." - anonymous


Joe said...

You should see prices in Manhasset. $4.80, $5,10,$5.29
10 days still and still not a LIPA or any form of local or state government official in sight. 1/2 the town still black and blocked with trees, (Muncey park is almost totally destroyed)

YET---The Governor is currently pulling strings to make the good for nothing Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman LIPA boss.
The guys been MIA done NOTHING but sit on his ass entertaining democrat friends, enjoying all the restored services in his home town of Great Neck for the past 10 days and nights.

Anonymous said...

Capitalists making money!!! Leave them alone!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's College Point. Its residents have no spine so they're easy marks!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how we always want the benefits of a free market, but then cry foul if the free market works against us.

I would rather drive to College Point and pay more money if it means a significantly shorter wait than the horror show that is the line for the Whitestone Exxon.

Why is the law of supply and demand somehow not applicable to gasoline during a legitimate shortage of supply?

Why is a 4oz container of blueberries for $6 in December not price gouging?

If a station is only going to be able to sell a limited quantity of gasoline because of supply shortage, why is it gouging to raise the price to try and cover rent and overhead expenses? If a station has to pay more for gas to get a delivery from farther away or from an alternate and more expensive supplier, why can they not raise the price? You don't have to buy it there, you can choose a cheaper alternative.

Don't be surprised if some stations go out of business during this shortage due to lack of sales volume.

Anonymous said...

it is reported that the nys a/g has received over 600 complaints of gas price gouging and is investigating them.

BTW,Friday is a odd lic.# day. i waited one hour 1-2PM, to gas up at the Citco on 35th Avenue /Bell Blvd. price $4.19/gal.
other local stations quoted $3.89-$4.09.(no gas though )

the Citco station at 35th Ave./F.L.B.was priced $4.39/gal.they had gas Wed. ,but lines were too long.

is $.30 cents /gal hike ,gouging ?

just do not shop there, when gas is plentiful again.

reward the fair priced station owner at that time.he is a good salesman and will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the rich in Manhasset
and Monsey Park, most likely they are staying at some posh 5 star hotel in the city.

Snake Plissskin said...

No problem.

We spent millions for those bike lanes. Note how the hipsters are using them .... in the winter?

One of the reasons that bicycling went out of style .... about 1910.

Anonymous said...

We also spend millions on parks that mostly go unused in the winter. Are parks not worthwhile?

Anonymous said...

Janine Pirro's Peronist tactics is calling it gouging? You pay to get things in a shortage. It's called economics. Persecute it as gouging and the shortage only gets worse.

Anonymous said...

A mere detail but...It's Munsey Park...not Muncey or Monsey.