Monday, November 5, 2012

Collapsed crane had bad history

That dangling crane on W57th Street, owned by Bovis Lend Lease, has been tethered to the building, but CBS New York details its dubious past: • On Sept. 21, the safety manager at the site complained to the Buildings Department that the crane was leaking oil onto an adjacent building; • On May 18, the safety manager said while the crane was moving a panel, a gust of wind rotated it and the panel crashed into a 10th floor window. • On April 19, the ball on the end of the crane came loose; • On March 14, allegations were of misuse were issued when the crane was lifting beams over the sidewalk. • On Feb. 27, unsafe crane conditions were reported; • On June 15, 2011, there were reports that the crane was not installed properly.


Jerry Rotondi said...

As Emperor Bloomberg would say , if he had the stones,"BUILD, BUILD, BUILD! Hang the public's safety".

I guess we are supposed to accept the collateral damage if the crane had fallen to the street below.

Anonymous said...

Bovis buttheads.

Anonymous said...

It's always caused by human error.
Somebody should lose their license on account of this.
They won't!