Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cleanup will cost a bundle

From the NY Observer:

Economic costs related to Hurricane Sandy could top $18 billion in New York State, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said today in a statement. Those costs include the disruption of business and loss of property and wealth, though estimates remain in flux due to the continued power outages, especially in lower Manhattan.

"Our daily infrastructure of highways, power, sewer and water—the elements of modern life that we take for granted—have all been altered by this storm," Mr. DiNapoli said in the statement. "Though the rebuilding effort may offset some of these losses, we must continue to monitor what the long-term economic impact to New York will be."

The catastrophe modeling firm Eqecat is estimating total U.S. economic costs from Hurricane Sandy at between $30 to $50 billion.

Damage to infrastructure, meanwhile, including highways, airports, seaports and sewer and water systems is estimated in the tens of billions of dollars, though much of those costs will be covered by insurance or federal aid.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Wow almost as much as Hurricane Bloomberg tech corruption contracts and over priced shocking expense for consultants and quality control plus other thievery City Hall green light

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Part 2 Hurricane Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development on old NY's infrastructure. Wow now we will get the money to repair crumbling infrastructures that further jeopardized our safety as much as Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn city council green lighted zone busting development including Scott Stringer, Bill DeBlasio and Bill Thompson all allowed greed to flourish.

We don't have one mayoral candidate who fought for us except John Liu on CityTime and ECTP 911.

Ask them about St Vincents Hospital.

Anonymous said...

Clauses should be built into the developers contracts to make them liable for building in flood prone areas or on top of brown fields.

It will not happen of course but I am tired of subsidizing them with my taxes why the rest of us get treated like shit.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Hurricaine Sandy has stripped bare the myth that our infrastructure has kept pace with all of the rampant over development that's been going on in New York City.

Voters make sure that you don't elect another real estate industry owned mayor like, i.e. Christine Quinn!

Where can we find a man like La Guardia when we need the kind of mayor that he was?

Joe Crowley's gold mine only yields nuggets for his personal gain, and those of his loyal machine servants.

Anonymous said...

In simple terms...Bloomberg bungled the job...
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg "the bungler"!

Anonymous said...

Whenever Mayor Mike appears in public or at press conferences, the people should boo him. Doesn't sound like much, but this little egotist hates it. He's so out of touch with reality. All he cares about is his money and his rich friends. How much longer do the people have to suffer with this moron as mayor? Can't we impeach him?

Jerry Rotondi said...

You've got to be kidding.
Bloomberg's suck-ups won't move to impeach him.

That's the kind of jellyfish that make up our city council.

They're the ones that allowed him to grab a 3rd term, and you voters put the finish on it.

Anonymous said...

Boo him?
I'd like to toss a piss balloon at him!

Anonymous said...

Can't we impeach him?

ask your city council person


Anonymous said...

Where is Mr Public Safety?

Oh that's right, touting for more waterfront development for daddy.

Anonymous said...


you're a trifle out of touch when it comes to John Liu. He's no crusader.

Liu is a crook. So was his convicted father.
Liu was coming down hard on Bloomberg ONLY because it put him in the headlines while he was running for mayor.

Thanks that's a dead issue.