Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cheap airline goes belly up

From DNA Info:

Leon Seerran was supposed to be home in Guyana Wednesday. Instead, he was standing on Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, looking for answers.

Seerran was one of the many stranded customers waiting outside the New York offices of EZJet Air Service, an air charter service that operates between New York and the Caribbean using space on other airlines.

The company canceled all flights to and from Guyana last week, leaving customers stuck.

The sudden blackout came on Nov. 8, the same day the United States Department of Transportation revoked EZJet's ability to transport passengers.

"We notified EZJet last week that it no longer had charter authority from DOT because it did not have a direct air carrier to provide its flights," DOT spokesperson Bill Mosely confirmed to New York via email on Tuesday.

EZJet, which could not be reached for comment and whose office on Liberty Avenue and 131st Street appears to have been hastily vacated, posted a letter on its website and an announcement on its Facebook page Nov. 9 blaming its airline partners, the Phoenix-based airline SwiftAir LLC and the Virginia-based Dynamic Airways.

Wow, who would have thought that an airline being run out of a storefront on Liberty Avenue would be so shady?


Anonymous said...

Some people get rich by exploiting the gullibility of fools. Alec Baldwin was right in Glengarry Glen Ross, "They're sitting out there WAITING to give you their money!".

Anonymous said...

Maybe they ran out of rubber bands to hold their planes together. Try duct tape!

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when a former gunrunner/contraband type airline decides to go commercial.

Indiana Jones had better luck with a bi-plane!

Anonymous said...

All of Queens is run like that ... or from Joe Crowley' back yard in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

jim jones was a customer..............