Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bloomberg doesn't know best

From The Real Deal:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s suggestion that one way to limit the impact of flooding from future storms would be to give large building owners more flexibility about where generators — generally kept below grade — are placed. However, the Fire Department of New York, along with some contracting professionals, expressed concerns about the potential dangers and challenges of keeping backup generators on higher ground.

“Change the building code to put generators on the roof,” not in the basement, Mayor Bloomberg said during a press conference Sunday.

The city’s Fire Department, for one, has reservations about the mayor’s suggestion.

“Placing generators on the roof of a large building does create many challenges such as how fuel is brought to the rooftop and where the fuel will be stored,” Frank Dwyer, Fire Department spokesperson, said. “In addition, the roof is a crucial location for firefighters fighting a fire, so generators can create problems.”

Currently, rooftop generators are rare, but permitted by the FDNY in some cases, in which safety measures are in place.


Anonymous said...

So much for green roofs.

Crappy do something about the gas shortage.

Anonymous said...

They could put flood doors on basement generator and electrical switch gear rooms. Waterproof those rooms. Have vents and intakes at 3 stories up.

Joe said...

What on gods earth are they talking about. These large generators for buildings usually run on Natural Gas!!! There's no need to bring fuel up to the roof.

Anonymous said...

Green roofs put greenbacks in contractors pockets.
They ca create more problems then they solve.

Anonymous said...

With volatile fuel tanks on the roof....can you imagine a small drone hitting one?

Anonymous said...

Natural gas can't go up in flame?
Risky business anyway.