Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bakery worker and pal busted making forged IDs

From the Daily News:

A Brooklyn bakery worker who sold cakes and pastries also ran a half-baked side business that offered forged ID cards, prosecutors charged Thursday.

Jose Mateo Castro, 56, who worked at Las Conchitas Bakery in Sunset Park, was recently indicted, along with Leonel Escamiilo, 43, who is accused of producing the phony IDs out of his basement. Authorities said they sold a bogus green card and Social Security card to an informant.

"According to the agents at Homeland Security, these documents looked so authentic that an ordinary lay person could not detect them to be phony," said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. The feds were tipped off about a forged-ID-selling baker in summer 2011. A subsequent yearlong probe involved surveillance from cars and a helicopter, Hynes said.

The two suspects, who are being held on bail, face seven years in prison if convicted, followed by deportation to their native Mexico.


Anonymous said...

The new America !

Anonymous said...

May we ask if they are here legally?

Anonymous said...

At least they were rolling in "dough" for awhile.

Anonymous said...

more dirty scum. don't bother sending them back. they will worm their way back in. put them on a boat home, then torpedo it in the gulf.