Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Avella & Comrie make borough president candidacies official

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) has decided to throw his hat into next year’s race for Queens borough president, the lawmaker told TimesLedger Newspapers Monday.

Avella was rumored to be mulling a run for months, but made up his mind in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, he said, after witnessing the borough being passed over for recovery resources that went to Manhattan and Brooklyn instead.

“I thought we should have had a much more active borough president and much more of a coordinating effort from the office of the borough president,” Avella said. “That convinced me Queens needs a voice.”

Avella is fresh off winning re-election to his northeast Queens seat earlier this month, where he captured nearly 60,000 votes, according to records from the city Board of Elections, a number the lawmaker believes makes capturing the boroughwide spot viable.

From the Queens Chronicle:

There are many things the three-term lawmaker and head of the Queens delegation has on his agenda. First and foremost, after witnessing the effects of Hurricane Sandy and hearing that meteorologists are predicting that such a storm could hit twice a year in the future, Comrie is naturally concerned about disaster preparation.

He wants to re-examine the flood zone maps, and possibly revamp them to better reflect the likelihood of more communities being in a storm’s path. Also, Comrie wants to make sure there is a strategy to quickly and effectively deploy assistance to those affected.

“Even our B areas can be impacted by an A Zone,” Comrie said, referring to the city flood zones where residents were not evacuated as they were in Zone A. “Superstorm Sandy created a high tide situation for 24 hours and impacted our B areas.

We need to work with the state and federal government to fight for the best courses of action to protect the shoreline and fortify resources.”

One cannot talk about the borough of Queens without mentioning its cultural diversity, something Comrie said should be celebrated publicly and spoken about more in schools.

In addition, Comrie wants to create more opportunities to educate Queens communities in an effort to make people more sensitive to different ethnicities. Part of that effort includes promoting volunteerism and parental participation in education as well as hosting public forums and other culturally-oriented events.


Anonymous said...

RAH, RAH, RAH !!! GO TONY, GO !!!!

Avella can become the Fiorello La Guardia
of Queens...and CLEAN of the most CORRUPT boroughs in New York City!

Now just look at overfed crooked blob!
Do you dare vote for that porker?

Not me! The guy is shady from the get-go!

Anonymous said...

The most connected and concerned of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Can Avella's $$$ beat Vallone's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

Anonymous said...

Deputy BP Grodenchick has the inside track for the Party endorsement, while Melinda has the Developers $$ support. What chance do Avella and Comrie have to raise adequate funds, even with matching funds?

Anonymous said...

Deputy BP Grodenchick has the inside track for the Party endorsement, while Melinda has the Developers $$ support. What chance do Avella and Comrie have to raise adequate funds, even with matching funds?

Even if Barry was not in the race, Tony would not have gotten the party endorsement - he made too many enemies as a City Councilman. For Tony to win, he has to run as an outsider and be highly critical of the party machinery. Of course, Tony has ties to the Stavisky machine, so he may not be able to pull off claiming to be an outsider - but he has certainly been a maverick.

Anonymous said...

Avella is a honest, hard working and grassroots. We knocked out the money buying of the Presidential election. So number one, get your butts out and vote in the primary because whoever wins is what get - plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Tony's been a good State Senator, it would be tough to loose him to a dead end job like boro pres. It would also leave his senate spot open to the likes of Dan Halloran and the Republicans, again!

Anonymous said...

Tony is virtually unknown in southeast Queens, or any other part of Queens. He's known well among white voters, but that's about it. And in a primary with three white candidates, he doesn't stand a chance.

Comrie and Peralta have crossover potential. My bet is it's Peralta vs. Katz.

Anonymous said...

Wow, imagine Tony Avella as BP, finally a smart, honest and hardworking Borough President. Can't ever remember that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, what I meant to say was is what you get if you don't vote in the primary. I also hope you get the point of how important it is to vote in the primarys, other wise you are just wasting time blowing hot air

Anonymous said...

Look at the different priorities: Avella paying attention to the practicalities of the lessons from the storm surge, Comrie wanting to educate people as to diversity ... um, Mr. Comrie, ya know, I think people know about diversity just fine ...

Anonymous said...

Tony knows key people in each community. Please give southeastern Queens a little credit for recognizing who has actually helped them these past 10 years or so and who has turned their back on them.

Layla said...

So I guess Comrie has bought into the Archie Bunker stereotypes of Queens that he wants to lecture everyone about cultural diversity. What century is he living in? Maybe the question is really what borough is he living in? There are always prejudiced individuals and those who cling to their "own kind" for whatever reason, but making the promotion of cultural diversity a cornerstone of a possible borough presidency is laughable when there are more pressing matters to pursue.

What is needed is a candidate who is willing to revolutionize the role of borough president, and the fact that Avella recognizes that Marshal and her cronies have done little to energize and revitalize our borough makes me want to root him on.

Queens Crapper said...

"Even our B areas can be impacted by an A Zone." I think what he meant to say is that even B zones can be impacted by storms.

Joe Moretti said...

"In addition, Comrie wants to create more opportunities to educate Queens communities in an effort to make people more sensitive to different ethnicities".

Ah, here is an idea. How about opportunities to educate different ethnicities how to dispose of garbarge/trash property, put lids on garbage containers, clean-up in front of your sidewalk and street curb, cut the small patches of grass in front of your home and if you are in business, learn some customer service skills. Queens may be a very diverse community, but it is still the USA, not some shithole third world country or some flop house. I am very sensitive, sensitive to the new batch of immigrants who treat Queens like a garbage dump.

My vote goes to Tony, an honest politician who actually gives a shit about Queens as opposed to the others who just whore out the borough to every john.

Anonymous said...

Tony is true blue. Can't say that for any of the others past and present.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that Avella will be competitive in this race.

Let's look at each of the candidates:

Avella: Popular as a Councilmember, even more popular and higher vote-getter as a State Senator. Has reached out to just about every corner of Queens for the last decade. Well-known and liked by voters across ethnic lines for willing to take on issues that their own politicians ignore or are on the take, making him disliked/hated by most other pols - but not voters!

Vallone: Strong in Astoria/LIC and maybe with some of those with Italian heritage in northeast Queens. However, a lot of the ones he's counting on in Whitestone/Flushing/Bayside are registered Republicans. Limited appeal elsewhere.

Grodenchik: Will only be popular with *some* Queens Machine voters and perhaps a segment of the Jewish vote. Bland.

Katz: Forest Hills/Kew Gardens and other Jewish voters will be her base. Reviled in other parts of the borough for being a handmaiden for the development lobby. Will make bones about being the only woman in the race.

Peralta: Will do well in the Hispanic community but absolutely limited appeal elsewhere. Avella beat him by 15,000 votes in the vote total last month. And, most of Queens has never heard of him.

Comrie: Some strength in southeast Queens but not well-liked outside of his strongholds of St. Albans, Hollis and Cambria Heights. Hated by many in Laurelton, Rosedale and Far Rockaway. Severely disliked elsewhere in the borough for his rudeness and pro-development at any cost-stance. Anti-charismatic, to say the least.

Based on this field so far, I think Avella has a pretty good shot.

georgetheatheist said...

Comrie also has the baggage of his wife, Marcia Moxam Comrie - who writes a weekly column in Mike Schenklers's Press of Southeast Queens (a sister publication of the Queens Tribune). She writes abour anything and everything EXCEPT the fact that her boss Schenkler accepts ads for Queens prostitution services.

Hey Leroy, do you and Marcia ever discuss this?

Anonymous said...

have you already forgotten the post on Q.C "DAMNED IF THEY DO , DAMNED IF THEY DON'T ?

Queens County is done , stick a fork in it.......

Anonymous said...

There's a notice
tacked to the door of the borough president's office.

It reads,
"Reserved for crooks.
Honest public servants need not apply"!

Anonymous said...

There's not the chance of a marshmello in Hell, that the clubhouse will support Avella.

Anonymous said...

The crook and the crusader...this should be an interesting battle.

Anonymous said...

Comrie also has the baggage of his wife, Marcia Moxam Comrie - who writes a weekly column in Mike Schenklers's Press of Southeast Queens (a sister publication of the Queens Tribune).

She also works full-time doing P.R. at York College in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

Barry would best fit the Queens image of a pliable drone.

Peter Vallone is the one you have to worry about - he has a shit load of money from the developers.

georgetheatheist said...

You mean to tell me that Councilman Comrie's wife, Marcia Moxam Comrie, wearing the hat of a highly-paid public relations flack at York College which elevates young African-American women to high aspirations also wears the hat of denigrating young Asian-American women by "winking her eye" at Mike Schenkler's Queens Tribune Asian women whore ads?

Well, I'll be damned.

Anonymous said...

The Boro President job is a waste of taxpayers money. The position is antiquated.It has no real power.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Donald Manes wielded plenty of power--
and his faithful Poodle dog, Claire Shulman, continued using it after his demise.

Wasn't it he who once said, "Queens has nothing but land, and I intend to develop it"?

It's the community boards that need reforming!

Anonymous said...

One more time around...
Avella...perennial political job seeker.
What other occupational position could he apply for?

At least Vallone passed the bar exam.

Yes...Pete Jr. hails from a very shady family.

But a slick crook can always get a good deal for you in exchange for selling you out a bit.

Groan...that's politics....take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

To the the people who complain that this position is worthless. Stop voting in people who are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, George, and somehow the Tribune missed the story on the big hooker ad bust too. Shocked, shocked, aren't we. Chronicle had it, and an editorial too. But they didn't mention the Trib this time.