Friday, December 9, 2011

MF Global guy quits Liu's office

From the Wall Street Journal:

The former chief executive of MF Global Holdings Ltd. has abruptly left his job at the New York City comptroller's office.

Kevin Davis started work in September as head of commodities in the comptroller's Bureau of Asset Management.

His hiring had drawn criticism from stakeholders in the city's pension system. MF Global was sued by four public pension systems outside New York. Davis left the company in 2008 after it lost more than 90 percent of its market value.

A spokesman for Comptroller John Liu tells The Wall Street Journal it was Davis' personal decision to resign on Wednesday.

Chief Investment Officer Larry Schloss will assume his responsibilities.

Davis did not return a request for comment.


Anonymous said...

it is very suspect that an MF Global ex-ceo would be placed into the LIU City Comptroller's office . i read that there is another one in place also.

btw : the W.S.J 12/9/11 headline:by Greg Zuckerman "CORZINE"S LOSS MAY BE SORO'S GAIN "
"Soros Family Fund bought about TWO BILLION in European bonds formerly owned by MF Global, the very debt that helped force the securities firm into bankruptcy.

Corzine is a former ceo at Goldman-Sachs(wall street) N.J. U.S.Senator & Governor. he now resides on Fifth 74 street,in the same building as Barbara Wawa & both ,rich ,rich.
past calls were made to Corzine ,by obama & Biden for advice on U.S.govermnent finance problems. i guess it was CRAPPY ADVICE, considering the U.S. has a $15 TRILLION DEBT & 14 MILLION UNEMPLOYED.

the Service Employee's International Union (seiu) gave Liu much financial and volunteer support during his various campaigns.

it is reported that Soros',OPEN SOCIETY INST. granted SEIU $100,000.00 in 2006.

for info of his more than 65 member organizations see,:DISCOVER THE NETWORKS.ORG ,

especially SHADOW PARTY.

Anonymous said...

"it is reported that Soros',OPEN SOCIETY INST. granted SEIU $100,000.00 in 2006."

Is it really, gramps? More of your smear and innuendo crap.

This may have been a questionable appointment --but then again you can't accuse him of playing "Asian favoritism" If he hadn't hired someone from the financial industry, some people would have questioned his choice.
This gets to agreater problem that pervades -all- levels of government: The fact that most regulatory appointees come from, and will return to, the industries they are charged with overseeing.

Since we are offering links:


I didn't know that the Birchers were still around. When you are just a front it does not matter who, or even if you have actual members.

Anonymous said...


It's far too late
for damage control, Mr. Comptroller.

The bulkheads have been compromised and your ship is going down!

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle....thump!

Maybe you should hire
Manes' old bag man at the "Queens Tribune", Michael Nussbaum, to "represent" you.

"The Parkside Group" certainly didn't do the job right.

Anonymous said...

Liu is so dirty that a whole bar of "Kirkman's" brown laundry soap couldn't wash him clean in a dozen Chinese laundries!

Anonymous said...

Now even Liu's former high school,
"Bronx Science", is currently under the microscope.

It seems its principal f----d something up royally!

The Flushing Phantom said...

Liu is a train wreck.

The only thing that's left to do is hoist that wreckage off the tracks.

Remove him from office!

a former staffer said...

Just wait until the money trail
finally leads to Congressman Ackerman!

Got your passport in order, Gary?

There aren't many countries left with
non-extradition treaties.

Anonymous said...

Michael Nussbaum
must be shivering his timbers right now!

When all of the dots get connected by the FBI, "Nussie" might wind up in a federal lock-up in the same cell with Liu!

then they can become real
asshole buddies!

Anonymous said...

John Liu is not one bit embarrassed about what is going on. As the fiscal watchdog, it is disgraceful what he has done with his own campaign funds. His hiring and employee raises show poor judgment. He still hasn’t disclosed (as he has promised to do), his so called “bundlers”. Liu simply can’t be trusted anymore. Liu is finished and he should resign.

If John Liu refuses to resign, then Gov. Cuomo should remove him from office.

Anonymous said...

did a company of bill clinton's receive monthly payments of $50,000.00, from MF Global ?

Anonymous said...

From the NY Times Dec 2 (Last week)

“It won’t be today, but we’re hoping for next week,” George Arzt, a spokesman for the comptroller’s campaign, said.

Arzt was reffering to finally releasing the names of bundlers as is required by law.

Here we are on Friday and no info has been released. I suspect they'll pull the weekend trick but that will not save them from the facts, once they are released.

Of course I am unclear if they are referring to the 2001 election, the 2009 election of the current campaign.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

FYI -- Mike should have restructured pensions in the 1st term but his pals were too busy raiding the pensions. Bill Thompson new about conflicts of interest but did not thing. Goldman Sachs hugely abused FDNY NYPD pensions I know Liu has dirt but he did great stopping CityTime and ECTP which Bloomberg Thompson Quinn allowed to flourish -- largest white collar crime ever. I was joking why doesn’t Bloomberg et Jon Corzine and Steve Rattner as advisor to over see Penions last in 3rd term. From White House to Albany to City Hall cess pool of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Where were you when Hank Paulson got Corzine fired from Goldman? Of course, when a Democrat messes up, he just goes and runs for office.

Anonymous said...

is a "Bircher " one who loves trees ?

is the Koch ,you refer to the same American businessman who gave hundreds of millions to medical research charities like "Hospital for Special Surgery and"M.I.T. Cancer Research Inst.?

Is he also the man ,who keeps the Manhattan Limousine Liberals entertained, by spending $100 million per year to keep the N.Y. Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center in operation ?

your leftwing links do not interest ME......

Anonymous said...

The New York Times has already written off Liu as a viable candidate in the next mayoral mentioning Di Blasio, Quinn, etc. as the more serious contenders....and leaving Johnny's name in the dust.

So what have the editors just told Johnny boy in prain Engrish?


This is the same NYT that was previously kissing Liu's ass as their wunderkind.

Mr. Comptroller,
you've finished your terms in politics and now politics is finished with you.

Now let's talk prison term!