Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Liu tried to pull a fast one

From the NY Post:

Comptroller John Liu’s plan to turn a Chinatown holiday bash into a campaign fund-raiser has been nixed over legal questions.

The scandal-snared Liu, whose aggressive fund- raising has been under scrutiny for months, had planned to solicit donations at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association’s annual holiday party.

But after The Post reported last week that the party could violate campaign-finance as well as IRS nonprofit regulations, he changed his mind.

Jack Eng, president of the 130-year-old CCBA, said it had been unaware of the regulations when it agreed to allow Liu to set up a table to collect contributions.
“Now we understand we can’t do it,” Eng said.

The federal tax code prohibits tax-exempt groups from advocating for political candidates or making their facilities available without charging a fair market price.

Liu’s campaign was not going to be charged a fee for the table.


Gary the Agnostic said...

What is the Chinese translation of Chutzpah?

Anonymous said...

Of course the event had to be canceled because the rest of Liu's "bundlers" would have shown up and could have easily been identified by the Feds!

I'm sure that Wellington Z. Chen....head of "The Chinatown Partnership"....would have certainly been in attendance.

Chen could just be at the epicenter of Liu's Chinese "bundlers" among other things.

This diminutive....behind the scenes Asiatic power broker.... needs to be investigated PDQ!

Anonymous said...


"You'd better not'd better not lie....Santa Claus ain't comin' to town"!

It looks like Liu is getting coal in his X-mas stocking instead of laundered overseas Oriental campaign cash this holiday season.

"You've been a very bad boy Johnny"!

Maybe on Lunar New Year Liu will get a nice federal subpoena as a belated present.

Anonymous said...

no know that not for profit 501C3 "benevolent" can host political fundraiser.

No speaky so good English".

Anonymous said...

The Charlie Chans will run this city within the next 20 years. 100 years from now they will run America. It's inevitible. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

My test fork reveals that Liu-ie "the liar" is done to a turn....crispier than the skin on my Christmas goose!

His political career has been nipped in the bud....whatever the outcome of the federal probe.

Now it's time to insert a probe into Welligton Chen and grill him to perfection.

He'll squeal and rat-out his confederates when his juices start dripping.

Happy holidays to all!

Please pass the cranberry sauce. Peking Duck anyone?

Anonymous said...

Liu spends so much time raising money, but so little time campaigning and meeting voters.

J.B. said...

Liu is ALWAYS trying to pull a fast one!

Here, pull my finger....just like we always do at CB#7.

Prr-r-r-p-p-p-p-p-fff (fart) ka-boom!

Anonymous said...

If you can afford to buy the mayoralty,it doesn't matter what kind of shady back room, under the table deals you make with developers, financiers and contractors who don't happen to be of the "Charlie Chan " variety.The media, and apparently the public will have your back for a good long time. Guess we ALL have our price. For some, a free table, for others,the future indentured servitude of the citizenry in the playground of the rich that they will no longer be able to afford to live in.
Guess the real chutzpah is trying it "on the cheap" , and not in grand, enforced secrecy fashion.That Liu is not connected to Wall St. or Ugland House is telling. Professional thievery under cover of bloated success and robber-baron philanthropy wins the day for now.

Anonymous said...

the F.B.I.undercover was an American patriot of Chinese ancestry , who spoke Mandarin.
be civil....

you are in error when you use the name of "CHARLIE CHAN " negatively. He was a Hollywood, crime fighting police official.

similar to "COLUMBO", "DIRTY HARRY"and "JAMES BOND".

Anonymous said...

It is not believable that Liu and the Charity did not know that non-profits had to remain unconnected to political campaigns.

Since Liu is just now "pretending" to learn of this basic fact it must follow that he's been doing this for the last ten years.

He and every non-profit have to be held accountable for each instance of this election law violation and tax exempt organization violation.

He would resign if he was a decent person in my view. So he'll go kicking and screaming, I'm sure.

neversleep said...

The real motto of New York City?

"We're Democrats; we can do anything."

Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch & family continue to come under harsh scrutiny in the UK - too bad people here in the US are not equally skeptical of items coming from the NY Post (not to mention the Wall Street Journal and FOX News).

Anonymous said...

@ neversleep- The real motto should be" We've become spineless sheeple who will allow ourselves to be bought by the likes of a Boston carpetbagger based solely on the (reported) size of his bank account and outsized ego.So much so that we will turn over our city to let it be raped for the plunder of under the table bucks, meanwhile mortgaging our futures and putting our kids' education in the sh*tter!"

Anonymous said...

your message was recorded for all. are you a fellow traveler of the C.P.U.S.A. ?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese will not be running America by any year.

Nobody will have to get used to any false notions that they will be running our nation nor any other.

The "Chi-Coms" are losing their former strangle hold
and wont be running China much longer.

The pugnacious Asiatic horde has just hit its bamboo ceiling in the U.S.A. and are at the end of their leash.

"Heel, doggie"!

When China begins to seriously unravel (it's already begun) they will be faced with problems of such great magnitude....that it will be keeping them busy for at least half a century cleaning up their own house.

China is a cumbersome nation.

It's clumsy unwieldy size will cause it to wobble on its axis until it finally tumbles off of it.

There are too many inhabitants currently demanding a good "Western" lifestyle which their government can't really deliver.

Final result:
Unrest; implosion; collapse!

Only a fragment of the great land that Emperor Chin first envisioned will survive.

China could never have maintained its "unity" over 5,0000 years without a totalitarian government controlling its "children"through terror tactics.

The New World demands DEMOCRACY!!!

The heavy handed governments of the old emperors or Chairman Mao are buried forever with those clay effigies of ancient warriors.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 15:

The CPUSA is still around? I thought half of them were FBI agents anyway.

Anonymous said...

As if Bloomberg isn't the Boss Tweed of the 21st century, though by more genteel means. Has it no significance to you that the DOE is run out of the Tweed courthouse? The symbolism is just TOO obvious. Do you really enjoy the prospect of a future paying for the kleptocracy of Mr. $1 a year?Cos, my friend, if this isn't stopped, that's what we'll all be doing. Paying for the shady, kickback driven deals brokered by Mayor Moneybags. You've already drunk the purple Kool-Aid apparently...

Anonymous said...

There's an awful lot of Chinese "benevolence" floating around in Floo-shing.

Could some of it be winding up in
Stavisky campaign coffers?

Ackerman's already gotten his share.

Does Nussbaum get a cut of it for running all those whore ads in the Q Trib?

Anonymous said...

to find out how the CHICOMS got America's guided misslle technology from Bernie Schwartz's "LORAL CORP", in the 1990's, read "BETRAYAL" by Bill Gertz.

Schwartz was a major donor to W,J.C and Sen.C.Schumer. His company went bankrupt.

the technology was switched from Dept of Defense to the Dept. of Commerce,led by Sec. Ron Brown (killed in Bosnian plane crash prior to order to testify before a cong. investigation).

prior to this betrayal, all chicom rockets failed.......

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 20:

Paranoia strikes deep.
Into your life it will creep.

If you REALLY believe all of the stuff that you spout I have a bridge that rubs between Brooklyn and Manhattan that I'd like to sell to you. It seems like you've been buying a lot of other stuff without thinking also.

Anonymous said...

Runs, not rubs. Sorry.